Stray is helping raise money for real-life stray dogs

The beloved game inspires a host of fundraisers for charities.

Like Lost It couldn’t be better, the game that has cat lovers and gamers fawning over its lovable, furry protagonist, is also helping cats in real life. Streamers and Annapurna Interactive, the game’s publisher, have facilitated a host of events and services to benefit animal shelters and other cat-related charities, as AP initially reported.

Annapurna contacted the Nebraska Humane Society prior to the game’s release on July 19 to give them copies of the game to raffle off as a fundraiser for the shelter. Within a week, they had raised over $7,000 for the cause, including a $1,035 donation from Annapurna. The vast majority of those who donated to the shelter were also new to them, including some international fans of the game.

Annapurna also rented a cat cafe and cat adoption agency in New York called Meow Parlor to host an event where visitors could play (while surrounded by cats, no less) and shop for exclusive products. Lost– themed merchandise. The publisher also donated $1,000 to the institution.

[Image Source: GamesRadar]

Players themselves have also taken it upon themselves to do something good for the stray cats of the world.

A platform called Tiltify, which allows streamers to donate their earnings to nonprofits, shared that their platform has at least nine new campaigns mentioning Lost, and another live streaming charity JustGiving has identified two more. North Shore Animal League America, a no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, said it received more than $800 from a gaming campaign. A streamer named TreyDay1014 also partnered with the Nebraska Humane Society, helping them raise over $1,500 at the end of a four and a half hour stream.

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Lost is an undeniably sweet and uplifting game, so it’s not the least bit of a surprise that the community behind it has come together to make an incredible change in the real world.

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