Street Fighter 6 Roster: All Confirmed & Leaked Characters

Excited to find out who made it to the Street Fighter 6 roster? Street Fighter 6’s release date is set for 2023, so there’s plenty of time for more characters to be revealed. Looking back at older games in the series, Street Fighter 4 launched with 25 characters, but the lackluster Street Fighter 5 featured only 16 characters on day one. Capcom seems to be learning from its past mistakes, so we’re expecting a great roster this time around.

There are only five characters revealed in the Street Fighter 6 List so far. If the leaks and rumors turn out to be true, we can expect to see one or two characters revealed each month until launch.

List of Street Fighter 6 characters

Here are the confirmed characters in the Street Fighter 6 roster so far:

  • Ryu
  • chun li
  • Luke
  • James
  • Cheated


Ryu’s quest to fight against the strongest opponents in the world is far from over in Street Fighter 6. According to the Street Fighter Twitter account, Ryu doesn’t think his journey is over yet as he learns how to become a stronger fighter. His traditional gi has been altered into a kasaya (a robe worn by Buddhists), similar to the one worn by his teacher, Gouken.

chun li

With Shadaloo’s reign of terror officially over, Chun Li decided to resign from his job as an ICPO agent. Instead, Chun Li teaches kung fu classes as her day job, making her a valued member of her local community. She also spends her time taking care of Li-Fen, one of the victims of the Black Moon Incident in Street Fighter 5.

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Luke’s brief introduction in Street Fighter 5 explains why he wanted to join the army. His father sacrificed herself protecting civilians during a terrorist attack, leading Luke to join the Special Forces to be like him. After a conversation with Guile, Luke decides to leave the army because he wants to try something new. In Street Fighter 6, he took on the role of a contractor for a private military company.


Jamie uses the Drunken Fist fighting style, the first in the Street Fighter series. When Jamie takes sips from his mug, he gains new special moves and receives additional options for some of his attacks. He is heavily inspired by Yun and Yang, two popular characters from Street Fighter 3. Jamie’s moveset seems to take a lot from the twins’ attacks as he combines their unpredictable breakdancing style with some of his lightning-fast abilities.


The family man from Street Fighter, Guile returns to Street Fighter 6 after defeating Shadaloo and finally avenging Charlie’s death. Guile is still a member of the US Air Force and this time he sports a blue jumpsuit. He briefly served as Luke’s mentor in Street Fighter 5, so hopefully these characters will interact again now that Luke has followed his new career path.

Street Fighter 6 roster leaked

Shortly after the first Street Fighter 6 trailer dropped, a set of concept art images appeared online seemingly confirming the full launch day roster. Street Fighter 6’s leaked roster contains 14 returning characters and eight new fighters. capcom has confirmed the leaks on Twitter, but the characters have yet to be discussed in any interviews.

All Fighters SF6 Leaked Characters

Here is the leaked Street Fighter 6 roster:

  • LRA
  • Akuma
  • White
  • Cammy
  • dee jay
  • Dalsim
  • E Honda
  • Ed
  • JP
  • jury
  • Known
  • kimberley
  • Lily
  • Marisa
  • mimi
  • rashid
  • Zangief
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There’s also a Cammy leaked gameplay clip performing his Super Combo in training mode, confirming the existence of classic outfits. Street Fighter 5 also included classic costumes for most of the returning characters, but some of these costumes were only available as paid DLC.

That’s all you need to know about the Street Fighter 6 roster so far. If you are looking for more competitive titles like this, you should read our list of multiplayer games. We also have a list of the best fighting games if you want to discover many great games in the genre.

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