Street Fighter 6 shows a new video with its two new fighters face to face

Juri and Kimberly face each other in the combat introduction scene from Capcom’s fighting game.

Although it is not published this year, Street Fighter 6 continues to teach a lot of material from the hand of capcom. After having presented during the EVO 2022 two fighters who will be part of the cast, Juri and Kimberlynow we can see a new video of both that we leave you on these same lines.

Game Face allows you to put faces before combatIn it, we see how the two characters will face each other in a combat in Versus mode located in a night stage with warm lighting. The video is to check how each of them interacts with their opponentmaking different gestures as part of the pre-showdown scene.

Likewise, the last seconds of the footage shared by Capcom once again teach us the benefits of the Game Face, a function that allows us to put faces with different expressions of the characters for a short time before the actual combat begins.

This renewed and ambitious installment of the fighting saga is scheduled for release on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023, although it does not yet have a specific date marked on the calendar. The developer has confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will be at Tokyo Game Show 2022 in September, so it’s likely that we’ll have more footage of the game over the next month.

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