Street Fighter 6 will be playable at an event next month

One of the most exciting announcements of June 2022 was the reveal of street fighter 6. Capcom not only confirmed the fighting game’s continued development, but also introduced a variety of games including allowing content creators to access a demo experience. At the moment, no beta plans have been announced, but Street Fighter fans are eager to see more images. It looks like that’s not too far away, as Capcom has now confirmed that it will showcase street fighter 6 at an upcoming event.


In a message posted on Twitter, Capcom confirmed that it will bring street fighter 6 to the next Japan Expo in Paris. The Japan Expo in Paris is an annual convention that celebrates Japan and its culture, including video games. Capcom will attend the convention and bring demo stations from street fighter 6, making it one of the first public opportunities for fans to play. The Japan Expo in Paris will take place from July 14 to 17.

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As with the demo showcased for influencers and the media in early June, the demo being brought to Japan Expo in Paris will be just a vertical slice of street fighter 6. The demo features just four fighters to choose from, including Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and new fighter Jaime. No new fighters will be included in the demo.

Although the demo will not expand on what Street Fighter fans have seen before, the level of access that the Japan Expo exhibition in Paris will offer should provide a wide range of games showcasing a wealth of street fighter 6 yet to see. That said, the street fighter 6 The demo stations are likely to be packed with convention attendees, so high-level players may find it difficult to play against each other. However, any game is better than no game.

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At the moment, there are no other confirmed events that show street fighter 6 in the future. That said, the fact that Capcom is bringing street fighter 6 to the Japan Expo in Paris shows that it is likely to attend more events between now and launch. After all, the Japan Expo in Paris is an untraditional venue for big game exhibitions. EVO 2022, held in early August, could be the next best thing for street fighter 6 show up at

It is safe to assume that Street Fighter fans will see many street fighter 6 during the next few months. street fighter 6 It may not come until 2023, but Capcom has built an incredible amount of momentum for the game, and it’s unlikely to let that fade easily. Stay tuned for more street fighter 6 updates soon.

street fighter 6 releases in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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