Study says half of parents worry about children’s personal data collected by online games

Online gaming can be a daunting prospect for anyone. With battle passes and loot box mechanics constantly seeking to separate players from their money, coupled with rampant trolling that can still exist in gaming spaces despite companies like PlayStation trying to address toxicity, there is many legitimate reasons to stay away from online gaming today. For a parent whose child is interested in online gaming, especially mobile titles like minecraft pocket edition Y Pokémon GOThere may be some fears about how these games will affect your child.


Surfshark, a company based in the Netherlands, has recently been investigating what parents are most concerned about when their children play games online, analyzing data from multiple surveys alongside their own studies. According to a survey by Internet Matters, one in two parents is primarily concerned about the safety of their children’s data online. Some of the most popular games for 6-10 year olds in the UK such as Pokémon GO, candy crushY call of duty: mobile — collect player data, although some claim that the information collected is safe. These games were found to be some of the most privacy-invading mobile titles currently available in app stores.

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Along with data collection, parents were also concerned about the use of microtransactions in mobile games, with one in four worried that their child would unknowingly spend large amounts of money on a game. minecraft pocket edition is the most popular mobile game among the age group that Surfshark studied, and is known to have microtransactions that allow players to purchase emotes, skins, and more. Other titles like angry birds Y call of duty: mobile they also include in-game purchases, and parents are specifically concerned about the latter due to limited-time purchases that appear in the app, which entice users to purchase items for fear of missing out.

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Some may wonder why 6-10 year olds would be playing call of duty: mobile when the game has an age rating of M for mature. Generally, ratings from organizations like the ESRB show the public what a game will contain to help those under the recommended age or their caregivers make informed purchasing decisions. However, considering that call of duty: mobile is free on both Google Play and the App Store, a child is not necessarily prevented from playing despite the age rating.

To combat these fears, parents are advised to build a trusting relationship with their children so that they know what games they are playing. There are also cybersecurity tools that can be used to prevent data from being taken inappropriately. Even with all these concerns, the Surfshark studios aren’t designed to spark a negative reception for mobile gaming. With some great mobile titles available now, it’s nearly impossible to stop a child from playing the game altogether. Instead, what Surfshark’s research shows is that there are ways to be vigilant and play online more safely.

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