Stunning Pokemon Animation Shows Magnemite Evolving Into Magneton

A Pokemon fan shares a very impressive video showing the evolution process from the Electric-type pocket monster Magnemite to Magneton.

Players have been creating their own animated content based on the Pokemon series for some time. The videos often show the world of the franchise in action, showing events such as the evolution of pocket monsters. the Pokemon The animations that the artists create allow them to use their creativity to imagine how the universe of the series would work.

One of the original 151 Pokemon is Magnemite. The creature was Electric-type at first, but received the secondary Steel-type when it was added along with the Dark-type in Pokémon Gold and Silver. It evolves into Magneton, which then becomes Magnezone, a pocket monster that was introduced in Generation 4.


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An artist calling himself TheRevivalProd created an animated clip showing off his version of Magnemite’s evolution. The video begins with a lone Magnemite floating around what looks like a factory to the song “Peace and Love (On Planet Earth)” from the cartoon. steven universe. The Pokémon seemingly begins to glitch as two more of its kind fly onto the screen and attach to it, and the newly formed Magneton continues to float off screen. It’s an interesting take on how the pocket monster would evolve and explains why Magneton is made up of three Magnemites.

TheRevivalProd’s Magnemite animation is getting quite a bit of fanfare on Reddit. Many said it looks good and they love the music choice. One user says that while TheRevivalProd’s work was great, they don’t know if they would like to see the Magneton become a Magnezone. Another pondered what would happen if each Magnemite was owned by a different trainer, and who the resulting Pokémon would get. The clip raises a few questions, but it’s very well done nonetheless and an interesting way to theorize how the Electric/Steel type would evolve.

RevivalProd is not alone in creating animations of evolving pocket monsters. An animator named Dave Ashby created a short clip showing the evolution of the Pokémon Kakuna into a Beedrill. The video shows several Kakuna hanging from a tree near a hive, when one of them breaks open and hatches a Beedrill which quickly flies away. The animation features the song “Bumblebee Who Likes to Eat KFC” by Jordan Raskopoulos in the background, which fits perfectly with the content. Ashby’s piece is another great example of a Pokemon fan exploring the game world through his art, creating works for all fans of the series to enjoy.

scarlet and violet pokemon It will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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