Suda51 Wants Ryan Gosling To Play Travis Touchdown In A No More Heroes Movie

When you think of a film adaptation of No More Heroes, who is the actor that comes to mind for Travis Touchdown? There are plenty of actors who could pull off the video game-loving killer with a sweet tooth. However, for series creator Goichi “Suda51” Suda, it seems like Ryan Gosling is the man for the job.

In a recent interview (thanks to VGC), the Japanese game designer was asked about a potential Hollywood movie based on the No More Heroes series. Discussing such a project, Suda shared who he’d like to see join such an effort, starting with leading man Travis Touchdown: “I’d probably go with Ryan Gosling.”


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While Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling may not be the first actor that comes to mind when thinking of the often-raw Touchdown, he’s a surprisingly good choice. Although Gosling is often cast as the gruff “tough guy” or the dashing heartthrob, his acting credits show an actor with decent enough range to pull off an anime-loving killer. Movies like Lars and the Real Girl, The Nice Guys, and Fracture showcase Gosling’s ability to play a complex but likable character. I mean, you don’t win six Teen Choice Awards for being a bad actor, do you?

Beyond the film’s lead actor, Suda also offered his thoughts on who should be at the helm of such an effort: “And as a director, I would probably go with James Gunn… Conversely, if we were to go with a Japanese director, then I would like to go with Takashi Miike”. Those choices aren’t too surprising since Suda has worked with both filmmakers.

In 2012, Suda directed the hack and slash game Lollipop Chainsaw, co-written by Gunn. Meanwhile, Miike voiced a featured character in No More Heroes 2 based on himself. All of these components have the potential to make a great No More Heroes movie. Now, we just have to convince someone to do it.

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