Summer Game Fest 2022 was the biggest yet, returns next year

A new report from Geoff Keighley reveals that Summer Game Fest 2022 boasted record numbers for game showcasing, reaffirming that the show will return in 2023.

The third edition of Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Festival you’ve seen advertisements for many of the biggest gaming franchises throughout the various developer showcases. Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase featured highly anticipated games like star field Y red fall while Sony’s State of Play showcased iconic franchises like street fighter 6 Y final fantasy 16. Now, a recent update from Keighley has revealed that the 2022 Summer Game Fest was the most successful demo the event has seen so far and that there will be more to come.


With Geoff Keighley looking to take the reins in the absence of E3 for the second time in three years, many of gaming’s most iconic developers have gathered for Summer Game Fest 2022. June has already seen major showings from Sony, Microsoft and Sega and rumors have persisted about a possible Nintendo Direct broadcast later in the month. The E3 alternative has clearly been a huge success, as a new report from Geoff Keighley confirms that the 2022 live performance had the largest number of viewers in Summer Game Fest history.

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An infographic uploaded to Keighley’s Twitter on Wednesday afternoon revealed that the Summer Game Fest 2022 live showcase on June 9th saw more than 27 million live streams, an 8% increase from last year. The showcase had a peak concurrent audience of more than 3.5 million global viewers and the show’s presence on Twitter increased significantly compared to the 2021 event. The infographic also revealed that the live showcase had more than 6,000 co -transmitters during the event.

The post concludes with Keighley reaffirming that Summer Game Fest will be back for another year with next year’s event again scheduled for June. The Game Awards host had previously revealed that Summer Game Fest will host its first in-person event in 2023 and the event will apparently be held in conjunction with next summer’s planned E3 return. Keighley has yet to reveal a fixed date for next year’s showcase outside of the June 2023 window and Summer Game Fest is likely looking to avoid clashing with E3’s in-person festivities.

Sony and Microsoft are just a few of the many developers that have featured gaming giants throughout the month as part of the Summer Game Fest celebration. The Devolver Digital showcase featured plenty of new trailers for indie games like cult of the lamb Y skate history while Sega’s Sonic Central showed off new gameplay of the highly anticipated sonic frontiers. With the 2022 event packing record numbers and high-profile announcements galore, Summer Game Fest has established itself as a premier event in gaming.

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