Supathick Releases Shocking Electro-Pop EP, ‘IN THE THICK OF IT’

Collective hailing from Perth, Supathick deliver a sharp, colourful, funky, electro-pop infused sophomore EP, IN THE THICKNESS OF IT.

Supathick returns with his long-awaited second EP, IN THE THICKNESS OF IT. Brilliant fusion of electro-pop with hints of funk rhythm, hints of R&B, and a widespread love of fresh, sharp pop sensibilities, the dynamic six-piece showcases a new creative peak through this four-track collection, ddrawing on new influences while refining the ones that have helped shape their stellar catalog to date.

Made around Christian Zappia.Featuring Keely Brittain’s natural songwriting skills, Keely Brittain’s captivating voice, and the instrumental talents of Harry Johnston, Trevor Stockton, Josh Wright, and Regan Dale, Supathik delivers her most vibrant, melodious, dynamic, and skillfully produced tracks to date. moment: “We had a lot more time to record these songs this time, and I think each song has a little more depth to it because of it.” Zappia says.

Credit: Facebook @supathiksupathik

A stunning follow-up to their debut EP, dinner and movie in 2020, Supathick returned to Perth Tone City Recording Study during the realization of IN THE THICKNESS OF ITand worked with long time collaborator/producer, Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Birds of Tokyo, Art vs. Science).

The final result is a brilliant record of music that demonstrates Supathick’s evolution from its groundbreaking sounds in 2020 on artists like I am there Y 100 miles, to the refined and progressive ambition of healing Y own my mind this year: “We had a lot of fun mixing live and programmed drums, and venturing into that slightly brighter HIFI world with Sam Ford of Tone City.” Zappia explains.

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Credit: Daniel Hildebrand

With the vibrant and energetic singles. Love again Y own my mind Released earlier this year, the EP features two dazzling new tunes, A little more Y healing with Al Whiteman. Thematically about love, relationships, and self-awareness, they take you on a vivid journey as Zappia navigates through some unique experiences, set against an undeniably infectious soundtrack.

Speaking about the clues, Zappia says: Healin’, ‘Love Back’ and ‘Own My Mind’ are all love songs to some degree, but they differ in the angle they take, and ‘Little Bit More’ is more of a reflective track I wrote after a talk with my dad. . He told me when John D Rockefeller was asked, ‘How much money is enough?’ he responded with, ‘Just a little more.’ And that guy was filthy rich. So it’s kind of a slowdown, flowery-smelling vibe.”

Credit: Facebook @supathiksupathik

He continues, “This second EP, for me, is really about learning to trust my own instincts musically and creatively. Each song lives in its own world and has its own colors, which I think happened more naturally than intentionally.”

Since bursting onto the scene in early 2020, Supathick has gone from strength to strength. Their keen ear for melody, dynamic mix of sounds and rhythmically enticing tracks have earned them over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, almost 20,000 monthly channel views on YouTube and a performance history that has seen them stand out as headliners. lineup and opening act for artists like Ocean Alley. , The Veronicas, Spacey Jane, Great Gable and The Babe Rainbow.

IN THE THICKNESS OF IT weaves its own tapestry, while keeping the core sonic identity presented in earlier Supathick material very much alive.

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Stream the new EP via Spotify below.

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