Super Mario 64: Nintendo’s cult game plunges into horror thanks to a fan!

Game News Super Mario 64: Nintendo’s cult game plunges into horror thanks to a fan!

When it comes to creating original concepts based on cult works, there is always one or more fans to respond! The proof is with Another Princess Is In Our Castle, a fan-made game that turns the cult platformer Super Mario 64 into a horrifying adventure.

Super Mario meets Amnesia

Yes, it’s not just Luigi who has the monopoly on the spin-off with ghosts! His big brother Mario has also just taken to horror thanks to a first-person fan-made that has just been released on the platform (the demo can be found here). In “Another Princess Is In Our Castle”, creator Claudio Mondin imagines a dark vision of peach’s castle, from Super Mario 64, where a demonic version of the princess prowls dangerously. The goal is to avoid getting caught – it is possible to hide in chests – as well as to collect a certain number of statuettes, taking up the characters of the platform game.

Under Nintendo’s watch

“(Another Princess Is In Our Castle – editor’s note) is only a demo for the moment, but I plan to make it a full game” explains Claudio Mondin, on the project page. It must be said that the man did not do things by halves, with a gameplay phase published on Youtube – and even an authentic trailer which invites us to “save the mushroom kingdom one last time”. However, it is well known, Nintendo is far from gentle with these projects who are also openly inspired by its intellectual properties. Today, we no longer count the number of Metroid, Pokémon and of course Mario fan-games that have been canceled for the Japanese company. It’s probably only a matter of time before Another Princess Is In Our Castle meets the same fate.

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