‘Superman & Lois’ Fans Stunned After Shocking Cast Reshuffle

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The CW’s Arrowverse shows just can’t catch a break. In the wake of legends of tomorrow Y batwoman being unceremoniously canceled and The flash confirmed that it will end with its next season, superman and lois he’s the last one standing. And yet, while fans can rest assured that a third run is on the way, they will have to adjust to a major shakeup in the Kent family, as star Jordan Elsass abruptly left the series, with the character of Jonathan Kent. to be recast.

Our understanding of the situation is limited at this time, but Deadline reports that Elsass did not contact the network by the required deadline for the cast to return to Vancouver to begin filming. “Jordan Elsass has notified the studio that he will not return to superman and lois for the third season for personal reasons. The role of Jonathan Kent will be recast,” Warner Bros. Television announced in a press release.

During the first two seasons of the show, which features Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, Elsass appeared in each episode as Jonathan, one of the couple’s teenage twin sons alongside Alex Garfin as Jordan Kent. So to say that fans are stunned by this turn of events is to put it mildly.

Elsass has yet to address the situation online, but has previously opened up about her struggles with her mental health online.

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In light of that, S&L fans wish him the best.

It’s hard to imagine the show without him.

The dynamic between the Kent boys was the highlight for the fans.

Even Superman didn’t see this coming.

There are several rumors circulating in the wake of the news, including that Elsass left the production due to anti-vaccine views or that she refused to be part of a bisexual storyline for her character. However, none of these have been sourced with credible evidence at this point, so most fans seem to be resolutely siding with Elsass and not the studio.

The totality superman and lois fandom right now.

superman and lois returns to The CW in March 2022.

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