Switch 2: Nintendo is working on not making the same mistakes it made with Wii U

Nintendo won’t know when it will release a successor to the Switch, but president Shuntaro Furukawa has made it clear that the company is aiming not to repeat the same mistakes it made going from Wii to Wii U and DS to 3DS. .

At the company’s latest financials Q&A session, Furukawa was asked by an attendee how Nintendo intended to smoothly leave the Switch when it decided to release next-gen hardware. While Furukawa didn’t directly acknowledge the new hardware, or when it might arrive, he did note that the company aims to learn from its past mistakes:

“Looking back at past experiences of generational change, such as the turnaround of the Wii and Nintendo DS eras, we recognize that one of our tasks is to ensure that the transition to future generations of hardware is as seamless as possible,” he said.

Nintendo had enormous success with the Wii and DS (the latter of which remains the best-selling hardware of all time), but its successors, the Wii U and 3DS, suffered from very difficult launches. While the 3DS recovered to some degree, the Wii U became one of Nintendo’s most notable failures, with production ending just 5 years after launch. Much of the problem for both machines was their similarities to their predecessors, as many customers were unclear on what had been upgraded and if they even needed the new hardware.

The Switch, which has combined Nintendo’s home and portable hardware businesses, is still going strong in its fifth year on sale, but Nintendo is clearly thinking about how to bring a large chunk of its 100 million owners into the next generation. The goal seems to be to get Nintendo fans to connect with Nintendo in more places than just their Switch:

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“We are focusing on building long-term relationships with our consumers (through Nintendo Accounts),” Furukawa continued. “As we continue to release new Nintendo Switch software for consumers to enjoy, our goal is to maintain relationships across hardware generations through services that use Nintendo Accounts and by providing opportunities for consumers to experience our intellectual property through channels other than games.

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