Switch version of No Man’s Sky won’t have multiplayer at launch

Like the original version, it appears that the latest port of No Man’s Sky won’t allow players to explore the stars together, at least for now.

no man’s sky it is often touted as one of the greatest redemption arcs in gaming history. Initially, although Hello Games promised a lot with its space survival title, it didn’t deliver on almost everything, leading to a huge backlash from the gaming community. The fans were furious when no man’s sky was first dropped in 2016. However, in the years that followed, the developers added constant free updates, expanding the game and bringing multiple versions of no man’s sky to Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X.


The last console to receive a no man’s sky port is the Nintendo switch. Having vast exploratory experience in portable Switch design is something that, according to Hello Games’ Sean Murray, “feels completely natural and also totally unlikely at the same time.” Have a game as big as no man’s sky Working on a console less powerful than a PS4 is no easy task, especially with all the previous updates to the game also coming to the new version.

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However, something that will be conspicuously missing in no man’s sky on Switch it’s multiplayer. Introduced in 2018, multiplayer was something that was initially promised to be part of the game. no man’s sky experience, but was absent from the aforementioned poorly received release. This means that no man’s sky on Switch it will be a single-player experience, but for anyone worried that this situation is an echo of the game’s original release, all major updates to the survival title will be added in the port when it comes out in October.

There’s also a chance that multiplayer will come to the Switch port of no man’s sky later down the road, as Hello Games has stated that it will continue to provide updates and expand the game after launch. There’s no official word on when or if multiplayer will arrive, but even if it doesn’t appear on the Switch port of no man’s sky, there are still many things that players can do. From making alien allies to fighting off pirate invasions in the recent Outlaws update for no man’s skya player traveling the galaxy alone is unlikely to be bored right away.

Along with the release of the Nintendo Switch port of no man’s sky, a physical release of the game for PS5 will be released on the same date. This will be the first time since 2019 that a player will be able to purchase a copy of no man’s sky in a physical store. Also, when Sony’s PS VR2 launches, no man’s sky will be available on that platform as well, proving that even six years after release, the game is still in demand.

no man’s sky launches October 7, 2022 for Nintendo Switch and is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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