Takaya Imamura celebrates the 20th anniversary of Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures Cover
Image: Nintendo / Rare

Too many GameCube games are turning 20 right now, and that makes us feel old. But, on the positive side, it also makes us feel nostalgic. Star Fox Adventures is the latest GameCube game to hit the big two zero today, September 23, in North America. And Star Fox character designer Takaya Imamura is celebrating with some new art.

The Nintendo legend, who retired from the company last year, shared new art of Krystal, one of the new Star Fox Adventures characters who would join Fox McCloud and the team on subsequent space voyages.

We would have loved to see Krystal get her own game, but ouch! We haven’t seen a new Star Fox game since (technically) 2016’s Star Fox Zero, though for all intents and purposes, Starlink: Battle for Atlas in 2018 it was really a Star Fox game, right? Here is Imamura’s wonderful art from his Twitter:

Imamura joined Nintendo in 1989 as a graphic designer and is responsible for creating many of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, serving as art director on Majora’s Mask (we can blame him on Moon and Tingle, then) and working on F-Zero and Star Fox on the SNES. Imamura eventually became a producer and supervisor for both Nintendos.

Since leaving Nintendo, Imamura has expressed his pride in the Star Fox series, saying that Star Fox 64 was “the game of my life”, as well as hoping that Nintendo would bring Zero to the Switch.

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Are you a fan of Star Fox Adventures? Will you be crashing the game today and playing through it in celebration? Tell us in the comments!

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