Take note of the new screens, notebook and primeval creatures of the role-playing game ‘Made In Abyss’

Image: Spike Chunsoft

When you go cave diving, what do you need? Notebook? We are not sure about that! But the upcoming Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness wants you to bring one with you.

Well, not in real life, but there is a key mechanic in the action RPG, and it’s not really Abyss diving. It’s for recording details of the people you meet, the creatures you encounter, and the relics you discover.

And those creatures are quite dangerous! Known as ‘primordial creatures’, these must be viewed through a monocular to obtain information about them. But this limits your view, so you must approach the creature without being seen.

As you progress through the Abyss, you will also find facilities that have been built. You might come across the highest ranked White Whistle down there. Or maybe find the Seeker Camp or Frontline Base. You can also choose missions as you go down.

Publisher Spike Chunsoft has also shown off a bunch of new screenshots from the game, detailing all these little details. A primal creature is called a corpse weeper, which is pretty scary for a bird.

If you’re itching to become a Cave Raider, you’ve got just under a month to wait! Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness launches on Switch on September 2.

Will you brave the Abyss to find some primal creatures? How do you find season 2 of the show? Let us know!

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