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In today’s Golden News The Fix: Games, an earnings report from Take-Two reveals that the publisher plans at least eight more remasters or ports, plus some details about games coming in 2023 and beyond. Take-Two, owner of 2K Games, Rockstar, Firaxis, among others, announced that between now and 2025 it plans to release 24 main immersive games. GTA 5 will be looking to finally get a mobile port while remasters or ports of previous games are on the horizon. Today’s 505 Spring 2022 games are shown between the Trolls, Stray Blade, Miasma Chronicles, and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Among the Trolls is a first person supernatural survival game set in the deep forests of Finland. Stray Blade is a kind of soul that pairs an anthropologist with a spell-casting wolf gremlin. The final game in the showcase was a preview of Miasma Chronicles, a short trailer featuring a boy, his robot, and what appears to be an extradimensional force. The Red Dead Online community has been begging developer Rockstar for more significant updates to the game on par with what Grand Theft Auto Online has been receiving, using the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline.

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