Team Fortress 2 Gets New Update, But Game’s Biggest Problem Remains

team strength 2 players have been struggling with the condition of the game for a long time. Weather TF2 has seen fewer updates and a lack of meaningful content of late, the overwhelming number of bots populating the servers has been the latest concern of the community.

the TF2 community took it upon themselves to pressure Valve to do something about it, launching a social media campaign to save TF2. Fans were overjoyed when the game’s official Twitter account acknowledged them and confirmed that changes would be made, but now that those changes have arrived, many were left disappointed.


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team strength 2 recently released an update that fixed a number of in-game issues. Many of these are bugs that have persisted for years without being fixed, such as spies in disguise appearing to have their normal spy weapon instead of that of the class they’re posing as. Various exploits have also been patched, providing a fairer experience for players. Under normal circumstances, this would probably delight fans, but it doesn’t mean much if the game is largely unplayable due to bots.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Valve has done much to fix the bot issue, at least so far. Made some changes to the vote trigger system so that multiple vote triggers can be run at the same time. Also removed was the ability to change one’s name in the middle of the match, which was used to kick innocent players. However, the servers themselves are reportedly still full of bots. Changes to vote removal may make it easier to remove bots, but if there is an excess of them compared to human players, it could also theoretically make it easier to remove legitimate players.

At the moment, the community is hopeful that this is the first of several updates to the game. Of course, players would like to see new content in the title to update its formula and give them something to work towards. However, the biggest problem is still making the game playable. Valve may currently be working on fixing known vulnerabilities and flaws before resolving the bot issue.

Of course, bots and cheats are still a problem in the vast majority of online games, so there may not be a quick fix for this problem. Valve may need to remain vigilant about banning cheaters and bot users from their game to stay on top of the situation. However, it remains to be seen if Valve is willing to commit that many resources on a 15-year-old title.

team strength 2 is now available for PC.

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