Ted Sarandos confirms the level with advertising for Netflix


First, take a few deep breaths to check your pulse. Now, read the headline. Read it again and focus on the word “level”, because it plays a different role in identifying what’s going on here.

Nope, Netflix you’re not putting ads on the service you know and love; what it is What’s happening, as Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed during Netflix’s first appearance at the Cannes Lions ad festival (via The Hollywood Reporter), is that there will be a new subscription option that offers a price. lower monthly fee in exchange for displaying ads on your Service. For those of you who are happy to pay Netflix’s going rate, you’re still ad-free.

The fact is, though, that some people just don’t mind ads all that much and will happily pay less if that’s all they have to deal with, and acknowledging that this was key to the decision, which in itself doesn’t step on nobody’s toes, according to Sarandos.

We’ve left a large segment of customers off the table, which is the people who say, ‘hey, Netflix is ​​too expensive for me and I don’t care about advertising.’ We are adding a level of ads, we are not adding ads to Netflix as you know it today. We’re adding a level of ads for people who say ‘hey I want a lower price and I’ll look at the ads’.

Once again, “level” is the key word here; you can still spend $10, $17, or $21 on a basic, standard, or premium subscription, all without ads; There will only be an even less expensive fourth tier that comes with ads, only allowing more people to enjoy the streaming giant’s content.

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