Teen Angst release their debut album ‘Barn Sour’

Teen Angst releases a nostalgic collection of tunes, wrapped in synth swirls and influenced by the likes of Best Coast.

Canalization the domesticity of daily life, Teen distress brings lo-fi nostalgic melodies flooded with references a early the Simpson episodes, gardening, Y doing chores around the house. self proclaimed parents of the ‘anti social pop’ gender, the Perth four pieces to draw influence of the pleasures of Better Coast, My love nora Y leukocyte He Vampire Assassin. On vocals, guitar and synthesizer, michelle Yeongy Connor patmore keep strong together kieran Conaghan on bass and phrases patmore on drums

Teen The anguish has been gear until a launching his Highly expected debut total length Barn Sour. Called after a finished use a describe a horse that refuses a go away his comfortable house surroundings, Barn Sour characteristics ten tracks that explore the feelings of to be locked inside his house, readily either not, a relatable feeling in this Current was. In his debut album, designed for broderick madden scott (wake Donnelly, noah Dillon, jacob Davies) Y mixed for rhine Tan (Gap Years ‘Flat Outside’) the band explore a variety of topics included, Displacement of Doom in Twitter, irrigation the garden, eating leftovers, Y moving outside of his parents’ house.

Credit: Alex Haygarth

Diving into the album, first thing is leaving home which comes with a strong and bouncy bassline that swirls through the catchy confessional lyrics about moving to a new place and a new state of mind. The drums affectionately thump your eardrums while the electric guitar stutters.

water the garden comes next with a demanding, static synth sound that introduces the song before the authentic and honest vocals between Michelle and Connor bounce off each other. Electric melodic riffs rise up and down and dance around the middle, creating a calm and warm atmosphere that embeds into a peaceful afternoon.

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Leftovers is the third track in Teen Angst’s collection of beauties and has a melancholic, somber feel through its softer, slower-paced sounds. The vocals are more delicate and moody, searing along with the pangs of deep, dark, eerie electric guitar sounds. For a track called birthdayIt doesn’t sound like a party as sadness swirls into Michelle’s voice again. The palette on this track is dripping with crunching rawness from acoustic guitar, as you can hear moments of slides along the neck of it. home in a minute contrasts the previous track since buzzes with life and vibrancy through electricity, synth swirls and jaunty snare crashes that bend and soar together.

teen angst
Credit: Alex Haygarth

virgin without kisses it’s an awakening rush of bouncing funky bass and neon-lit electric guitar. Connor’s melodic inflections and lyrically deep screams recall the vocal tones of The National. The seventh song in the, Asleep it’s an interesting grip for listeners as it drifts in and out of crazy joy that morphs through thumps of bass and ‘bah bahs’ of vocals expressing a tone of relaxation.

Next on the album is lizard queen generating a fuzzy, amplified electric riff that’s simplistic yet powerful, as well as a panoramic cascade of sound that wraps itself in vocally expressed effervescences of futility. As the penultimate track of the bangers collection, Stan continues to carry the bleak nostalgic and evocative soundscape the entire album has projected with Mitchelle’s wailing vocals and the startling brilliance of electric hum. As the last clue, sour barn it ties the entire album together with its unleashing of restless emotions.

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Emerging from introspection and existentialism, Mitchelle restlessly turns on ecstatic yet authentic sounds of sadness, avoiding disguising them with metaphors and oversaturated sounds. The end of the song ends with a monologue of hope and expression that sounds like ’60s beat poetry and a country-western accent.

Credit: Alex Haygarth

He debut total length go on in of a string of unique releases and a EP included Not So Vitriolic (2019) Y Let/cheeseburger (2020). After secondary bleeding knees Club in the Washington leg of his route Y Playing shows with waves, He beths, Lamination blackouts Coastal Fever, and the talks, the band plan a celebrate the launching of his debut album in January 27 a Mojos Pub.

Check out his full killer album sour barnbeneath!

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