Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – Where To Find All Classic Headlines

The brodacious turtles are back in the grind once again in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Shredder’s Revenge, bringing them back to their classic arcade roots in an exciting fighting game that holds many memories for fans of older titles. While Shredder’s Revenge is for the most part a straightforward experience, there are plenty of side quests to help keep you on the streets of New Your City as his favorite vigilante.


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One of these side quests is having to find three classic Headlines, which are hidden amongst the game’s sixteen episodes, making them quite difficult to spot as the Foot Ninjas and other enemies overwhelm you. Fortunately, the location of Classic Headlines is the same for everyone, allowing you to pinpoint where they are for easy removal.

Initial Classic Headlines Special Request

Before you can find the Classic Headlines, you will first need to locate and talk to Burne Thompson to receive your special request ordering you to look for them. Fortunately for you, Thomspon is one of the first NPCs in the game that you can find and one of the easiest to reach.

Burne Thompson can be found in the first episode of the game,Jaw breaking news!“To find Burne, keep an eye out for a room with purple carpeting, three windows in the back that have been painted with graffiti, and a large “6” to the left of a door. Also, the door will be hit from the other side, which will cause a slamming noise to be heard and at the same time the door will pulse with each slam.

Head to the front of the door and hit it with your melee weapon to open it and free Burne Thompson. Once released, you can find Burne’s Office as a location in the game’s overworld, and visiting it will give you the Special Request for locate the three Classic Headlines previously mentioned.

Classic Title 1 Location

you can find the classic first headline in the same episode you rescued Burne Thompson, Episode One: Amazing News! This headline will be near the end of the level. inside a wooden box with the red Foot Clan logo painted on the front, right before the episode’s boss encounter. You’ll know you’re in the right room when you see multiple monitors and an NPC tied up on a rope behind a glass panel.

Classic Title 2 Location

classic headline 2 can be obtained in game second episode,Big Apple, 3 p.m.To snag this Headline, make your way through the overrun streets of New York City until find a store calledtv Zone,” which will have Bepop propaganda playing on every screen behind the window. To the right of the TV screens will be a framed Bepop poster with a trash can in front. of that Destroy the trash can to reveal the second classic title!

Classic Title 3 Location

the third and last Classic Headline is in the game fourth episode,Rumble at the zoo.Continue through the episode as you normally would until reach the section with monkeys in the background throwing bananas at you, conspiring to make you slip. Head towards the end of the hall to find a magazine stand just to the right of the monkey cage. in the corner of the wall, just before you get to the alligator section. Smash the newsstand to get the third Classic Headline!

Return to Burne’s office

With the three classic Headlines in your possession, return to the Burne office to complete your special request Y Earn 50 points for your currently selected character. So, before completing the mission, we suggest switching to a character with which you have not yet reached the maximum level, otherwise you won’t be rewarded for finding all three Headlines!

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