The 10 best blue skins in Fortnite

Red vs. Blue is the classic marksman matchup, but if you don’t want to rock an aggressive red outfit, then blue is the way to go. Blue is a cool color of composure, although there are still some pretty fierce blue costumes in the Fortnite wardrobe. Here are the top ten that you can use.

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Image via epic games

Isabelle first came into the spotlight as part of the Oakwitch Academy set. A few months later, her ice magic courses were complete. This is the closest you will get to casting icicle spells in Fortnite.

blue team leader

Image via epic games

Sometimes you just have to go back to basics, and that’s what Blue Team Leader is all about. We just talked about marksmen being a perpetual struggle of red vs. blue, so why not sport the signature look of one of those teams?

Captain America

Image via epic games

Sure, Cap is technically red, white, Y blue, but one of those colors is much more prominent than the others. With Wolverine appearing on the list of the best yellow skins, we had to include a superhero here as well. this is from america ass skin.


Image via epic games

Also on the list of yellow costumes is Cluck the hatched Easter egg, so why not give the Easter bunny some love too? The pastel blue look is really classy, ​​and whoever decided to take the term “bunny suit” in a two-way direction deserves a raise.

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End of line set

Image via epic games

It may be blue on black, but the neon blue highlights in this outfit really pop. They mimic the look of tron movies, and there are a total of 10 that you can equip. As a bonus, there’s a sweet Light Cycle glider that lets you drop to the ground in style.

icy presence

Image via epic games

Nothing says cool and collected like a Wild West outlaw in a ten gallon hat. The Fortnite team decided to take this one step further by creating the Frigid Foregoer skin. literally cool, with icicle accents on his hat and duster.

human bill

Image via epic games

First of all, that name is hilarious. You’re not fooling anyone, Bill. Human Bill has a few different appearances, but the best one shows his full alien beach body. However, he may want to sharpie some nipples if he is trying to pass himself off as human.


Image via epic games

Ninja owes a lot to Fortnite – it’s the game that made him gain massive traction and become basically the biggest name in video game streaming. That success fed back into Fortnite, helping to make it the phenomenon it is today. Even if you’re not a fan of Mr. Blevins, there’s some real history to this skin.

rippley vs mud

Image via epic games

You will also find Rippley in the list of the best meme skins in Fortnite. The amoeboid design is both silly and elegant, featuring the most jelly-like shade of blue on this list. The fact that it’s basically a live can of Slurp Juice is a nice touch.


Image via epic games

Fortnite was forever changed at the end of Chapter 1, when a black hole sucked in the entirety of the island. This premium design commemorates the event and depicts the black hole as a bloom of blue energy above a cosmic starry body.

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