The 10 Best Classic Series Megaman Games, Ranked

When we think of the classic game franchises that led the industry to become what it is today, we think of Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Metroid, Resident Evil, and other notable royalty. It’s a disservice not to mention some of the games that paved the way from the early days of gaming, and one franchise that’s sometimes unjustifiably overlooked is Mega Man. No kidding, some kids thought Mega Man and Metroid were the same game. And it’s a shame because Capcom’s Mega Man games were very different action platformers that often innovated the genre without getting the credit they deserved. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the hit Megaman games, picking 10 of our favorites from a library of over 50 titles in this long-running gaming franchise.

10. mega man 11

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: nintendo switch
Released: 2018

This entry in the Mega Man franchise represented a refreshing take on the game and the character’s debut on Nintendo’s (at the time) new console, Switch. He kept all the classic elements of the Mega Man games while updating and refreshing the formula for the new way to play.

9. Mega Man 4

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: NES
Released: 1992

The fourth installment in the franchise suffered from the successes of the previous two games. It was always considered to be a “good game, but not as good as the other two”. Still, it’s a good, well-polished title, deserving of its position on our list as a classic of its time that you should check out if you get the chance.

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8. Mega Man V

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: game boy
Released: 1994

This game represented the first standalone Mega Man game on the revolutionary Game Boy handheld console. While the black and white graphics of that era may not be for everyone today, this game was a huge hit when it came out and was praised as one of the best titles to honor the Game Boy as a whole.

7. Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: nintendo switch
Released: 2020

Mega Man has been a part of many collections over the years, so it was only fair to feature a few on our list. This collection for Switch is probably the best out there, and includes six Mega Man games to delve into, plus tons of additional content, collectibles, bonus features, and more. If you have Switch and you like Mega Man, this is a must have.

6. mega man x2

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: SNES
Released: nineteen ninety five

Arriving in the dark days of the SNES, Mega Man X2 represents what the ultimate refinement of a formula looks like. He didn’t really innovate much, he just took everything that came before and refined and polished it to become a stellar sendoff to an era of gaming.

5. Mega Man Zero Collection

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: nintendo ds
Released: 2010

Coming out for the Nintendo DS, this collection brought together all four Game Boy Advance Mega Man Zero games in one neat package. The Mega Man Zero games represented something of a spin-off from the main franchise, but have held their ground in terms of quality and gameplay. So having them all in one place was a big step for Nintendo.

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4. Mega Man Zero 3

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: GameBoy Advance
Released: 2004

This game represents the best Mega Man-related entry the Game Boy Advance has ever had. In true Mega Man fashion, he took everything that worked before, refined it, and created something worth playing even years later. Not bad for a spinoff series.

3. mega man 2

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: NES
Released: 1989

This is the game that really lifted the franchise off the ground. The first Mega Man game was decent, no doubt about that, but it was this sequel that really solidified what the franchise would become and highlighted the potential that side-scrolling action platformers could offer.

2. mega man 3

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: NES
Released: 1990

As this retrospective has shown, Mega Man games have a penchant for building on what worked in previous games. Mega Man 3 took that one step further and built and innovated on its predecessor. Adding more mechanics, tweaking the controls, and even introducing some elements that would become the norm for the franchise for years to come, Mega Man 3 is a true NES classic, if there ever was one.

1. mega man x

Image via NintendoLife

Platform: SNES
Released: 1994

With the ever-popular X in the title, this is the defining Mega Man game. Take everything we’ve written and break it down into one title and you have Mega Man X. It represents the pinnacle of the franchise, which isn’t to say that everything It’s downhill from there, but this game is the ultimate. Mega Man experience you owe it to yourself to try.

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