The 10 Best Roblox Space Games, Ranked

There is certainly no shortage of space games on Roblox. In recent years, gamers have been lucky enough to be treated to a handful of intergalactic titles that take the form of shooters, platformers, and even spaceship simulators. You may notice some of these quality games on Roblox’s Discover page, but not all of them get the recognition they deserve. So, here are the 10 best outer space experiences on Roblox, counting from worst to best.

10. Escape Space Obby

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Escape Space Obby is not just one of the best space games on the market. It’s a fascinating platform game with a quirky story that will keep you playing for hours on end. The game tells the story of two friends kidnapped from their hometown by a UFO and now they must find their way out of the dangerous ship. The UFO features 30 stages to complete, each with its own diverse twist. Players even have unlock speed boosts and cheat codes that can help them solve the most difficult stages.

9. Star Wars: Space Battle

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Despite being nearly a decade old, it’s no surprise that Star Wars: Space Battle still has an impressive 91% approval rating. The title is very similar to the original Star Wars: Battlefront series in that it gives players the power to fly and fight on ships or invade enemy bases as foot soldiers. It even includes a variety of game modes set during the Galactic Civil War and the Clone Wars. That means you’ll be able to leave your avatar behind and play as a droid, rebel pilot, or even a stormtrooper. You can then take the character and travel on one of 12 ships, including TIE Fighters and X-Wings.

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8. Galaxy

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While most spaceship titles on Roblox tend to struggle with a decent control scheme, Galaxy is a smooth and easy-to-play dogfighting title that pits online players’ ships against each other. But it’s not that simple. The game takes inspiration from titles like Minecraft, allowing players to collect materials to build even bigger and better spaceships. This mechanic essentially pushes teams to be more strategic, leaving them to debate whether to attack immediately or wait until their fleet is heavily armed.

7. Build and survive!

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For those who are simply looking for an exciting action game set in the galaxy, Build and Survive! is a futuristic wave-based shooter that might be perfect for you. This light-hearted title pairs you with players online to take down armies of deadly robots while creating homes and barriers to protect yourself. There is also a progression system that will have you endlessly upgrading your weapons.

6. Deep Space Tycoon

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Deep Space Tycoon is a new addition to our list, and might even find itself in a prominent spot soon. This title offers players the opportunity to build a ship with their own personal touches and then use it to travel to 11 different planets and locations. The tycoon part involves having to colonize each planet until enough money is earned to move on to the next. However, his high replayability comes from his Rebirth feature, an option that allows him to sacrifice progress to access secret locations and abilities.

5. Project Stardust

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Project Stardust is exclusive to PC users and for good reason. The space war simulator offers graphics that are far above most Roblox titles and maps that seem limitless. Never mind, it’s on this list for its use of locations and ships from other popular sci-fi franchises. So you and your team can hop on rides like the X-Wing from Star Wars and the YSS-1000 Saber from Halo to take on a massive Team Deathmatch against a group of enemies online.

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4. Takeoff Simulator 3-2-1

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3-2-1 Blast Off Simulator is a more kid-friendly approach to the world of blast off simulators. This is because players will need to unlock key components for their rockets by playing a selection of competitive mini-games. Once you’ve collected enough resources, watch your rocket soar to new heights and possibly reach planets that have exclusive loot. The game itself has also grown in popularity in recent months, now boasting over 181 million page views. This is mainly due to a recent update that brought in a new ranking system, as well as more rockets and locations.

3. UFO tycoon

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One of the deepest Roblox tycoon titles is surely UFO Tycoon. You will start your journey alone inside a sterile space lab, but little by little you will earn enough money to improve your home and buy one of the countless ships. These ships can then be taken to venture to different planets and bases to find players on your server and collect valuable upgrades. While it can be beneficial to work alongside these players, the game allows you to battle and dominate other explorers.

2. Starscape

Image via Roblox

A cross between a life simulator and a war simulator, Starscape puts you in the shoes of a soldier who dreams of having a peaceful life far beyond the galaxy. As quantitative as its story sounds, you’ll discover that peace isn’t possible without defeating enemies and exploring over 400 locations for valuable upgrades and cash. Starscape often even appears at the top of the Discovery page, so expect to see hundreds of other players as you explore these foreign lands.

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1. Space Navigators

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Space Sailors is another launch simulator that expands on the potential of Roblox as a whole. Players will begin their pilot careers by practicing realistic rocket launches and parachute jumps on the island of Spaceport Resort. Once you are well trained, the sky is no longer the limit as you can land rovers on beautiful planets and drive through new habitats. Best of all, Space Sailors continues to receive new vehicles and locations on a regular basis, just one of the many reasons it has over 30 million page views.

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