The 2 TB Crucial MX500 SSD is on sale before the French Days!

News good plan The 2 TB Crucial MX500 SSD is on sale before the French Days!

To store your games, software and all your movies and series, nothing better than an SSD like the 2 TB Crucial MX500! Currently, it benefits from a nice reduction at Amazon just before the French Days.

The 21 TB Crucial MX 500 SSD is on sale at Amazon before the French Days

In the Sata SSD market, the Crucial MX500 is a major reference. With its excellent quality / price ratio, even excluding discounts, it equips many PCs around the world. So when, just before the French Days, it drops in price, it’s even better!

Even as NVMe SSDs slowly take over primary storage, the MX500 remains a perfect choice for older PCs or as secondary storage.

Currently, it is available in its 2 TB version with a nice reduction at Amazon!

  • Instead of the recommended price of 215 €, it is only 164 €
  • It is therefore a saving of €51 that can be made here, i.e. a discount of 24%.

Buy the 2TB MX500 for €164 at Amazon

Crucial MX 500: a very good SSD for your games and software

To store your files and games, there are currently three main solutions. The first is the most expensive, the most efficient and also the most recent: the NVMe sSSD. It is ideal for storing the most recent games and those with the longest loading times. Indeed, this will allow you to reduce these thanks to their high speed of reading and writing.

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Then, you have to take into account the cheapest solution, but also the least efficient: hard disks or HDDs. Perfect for mass storage, it was the basis of all our PCs and laptops for a long time, but is totally outdated today, unless you’re looking for a big space on the cheap.

Finally, we also have Sata SSDs. It’s the middle generation and it mixes the best of both worlds. A fast and not very expensive storage which has, in addition, the advantage of being compatible even with old PCs.

This is also the best solution if you want to recover an old computer that has become too slow or save the one that belongs to your parents and that they have not wanted to change for years. Going from a simple hard drive to an SSD is a significant improvement that will save a lot of time on booting your device.

Here, we also have a large storage space, with 2 TB, which will store all your games without worry. It has a maximum read speed of 560MB/s and a write of 510MB/s, which is still very good even in the age of NVMe SSDs.

Buy the 2TB MX500 for €164 at Amazon

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