The 2003 version of Pedro Pascal would have no chance of surviving the apocalypse of ‘The Last of Us’

via HBO

He’s long since cemented himself as the internet’s favorite handsome-tough dad, a reputation he’s welcomed with open arms. Pedro PascualThe stratospheric rise to the A-list has arguably peaked with The last of us.

Sure, he could be the lead in the flagship Disney Plus series set in one of the most iconic franchises in history, but he spends a lot of time with his helmet on. the mandalorianeven more so during Season 3 given that HBO’s acclaimed video game adaptation filmed over a mammoth 11 months.

The story began in 2003 with the onset of the apocalypse, but a group of Redditors have noted that there’s no chance the old version of Pascal, who only had a couple of TV and film appearances at the time, would have evolved. into the darkly charismatic character audiences have fallen in love with over the course of the show’s first four episodes.

Aside from a few streaks of gray in his hair and beard, as well as some of the sullenness in his expression that comes with spending two decades trotting across the vast nothingness of a devastated world, Joel aged pretty well all things considered when The last of us he made his 20 year time jump.

Looking back, 2003’s Pascal was a much fresher proposition, and it’s hard to imagine that guy surviving for that long in such merciless conditions. The man is aging like fine wine, and we’ll drink today’s iteration any day of the week.

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