The 3080 Ti appears in a gaming PC that loses €500 just before the French Days!

News good deal The 3080 Ti appears in a gaming PC that loses €500 just before the French Days!

As our search for the best graphics card at the best price continues, we ended up landing on this surprising offer, to say the least. This is a mounted stationary PC that ticks all the boxes for gaming. And just before the French Days, a discount of €500 is rather unexpected.

Rue du Commerce is ahead of the French Days and sells off the price of this technological monster with the RTX 3080 Ti

While the prices caused by the shortage of components are at their highestsome offers appear when we weren’t expecting them before the French Days.

Buy the Eltharion desktop PC with the RTX 3080 Ti at Rue du Commerce for €2,999

This time it is on the Eltharion that the promotion fell, and the price displayed by Rue du Commerce goes from 3499€ to 2999€.

So yes, we are not on a product that will appeal to small budgets and casual gamers. At this level, this PC is mainly intended for the most picky players in terms of performance and who are ready to pay the price.

And for once, no concessions have been made on the power of the critter.

A mounted PC displaying a €500 discount just before the French Days: it’s available at Rue du Commerce

This PC set up by Rue du Commerce carries with it a Intel Core i5 12600K clocked at 4.9GHzand the famous GeForce RTX 3080 Ti so hard to find.

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On the RAM side we will not miss it since the PC was mounted with 32 GB of RAM in DDR5 4800 MHz.

To top it off, it’s a 1TB SSD which has been provided by Rue du Commerce so you can’t run out of space.

And as for the cooling system, we find a MSI MAG MAX water cooling to allow the most efficient heat dissipation possible.

In short, we are dealing with a PC withincredible performance both in terms of power and graphics.

The bike is still inaccessible for most budgets, and we advise you not to invest in such a beast if you are satisfied with only a few hours of games per week on weekends.

This product will therefore be aimed more at the most specialized enthusiasts among us, and they can get it on Rue du Commerce for the price of 2999€ instead of 3499€.

Buy the Eltharion desktop PC with the RTX 3080 Ti at Rue du Commerce for €2,999

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