The 5 Most Iconic Amnesiacs From Movies, Ranked

Those seeking a scientifically accurate representation of amnesia in the movies you might have a hard time finding one. Movies like to use creative license and don’t always depict amnesia the way it works in the real world. But realism is not the most important part of a movie, but creating a memorable story with strong characters.

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And working with the theme of amnesia allows for creative storytelling since the amnesiac doesn’t usually remember everything, so it can be hard for them to learn what’s going on or solve a given problem. Amnesiacs often appear in mystery and thriller movies, but it is not a rule and some of the most iconic amnesiacs in movies They come from a variety of genres.

5 the winter soldier

Considering the popularity of the MCU, it would be a mistake not to remember its most famous amnesiac, Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier. After being captured and manipulated by Hydra, Bucky loses his memory, his mind is erased and he becomes the assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He, of course, manages to regain her memories of him in the end, but has a hard time dealing with all the atrocities he committed while still working for Hydra.

The Disney Plus Show The Falcon and the Winter Soldierit gives Bucky even more space and details his internal struggle. Another amnesiac who, however, has not yet had as much space in the MCU is Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers doesn’t remember that she comes from Earth, and only after discovering her true origin story does she realize who the real bad guys are. All this happens in captain marvel (2019), but unlike Bucky Barnes, he doesn’t have as much of an impact on the events of future MCU movies and TV shows.

4 Rooster

It’s rare to see an amnesiac in a lighthearted story (for the most part), as they more commonly appear in serious movies. Finding Nemo (2003) is one of the best animated classics of all time and the characters, including Dory, are a big part of the film’s success. It is true that the film focuses on the father Marlin, who is trying to find his son Nemo and, as a result, goes on an unforgettable adventure. But the amnesiac fish Dory who decides to help Marlin and follows him on his journey is just as memorable.

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His inability to remember certain things is not in the movie just for laughs, but also has a real impact on the plot of the movie. Dory became a favorite of many, so she got her independent movie. Finding Dory in 2016, which also turned out to be a hit. The only reason Dory doesn’t rank higher is that she wasn’t originally the main character, but that doesn’t diminish her likeability.

3 Douglas Quaid

Arnold Schwarzenegger played several characters that became icons, most notably Terminator. In 1990 he starred full recovery, a film based on the Philip K. Dick story. The movie keeps the audience guessing what’s true and what’s not, because Douglas himself isn’t so sure who he is. He originally believes he’s a construction worker, but then finds out he’s actually a secret agent…or maybe it’s even more complicated.

Whatever the answer, it turns into an action-packed story that offers more than one surprise or unexpected twist. full recovery became a critical and commercial success, so it’s no surprise that it spawned a remake in 2012 in which Colin Farrell took on the lead role. But the original film remains undefeated and Douglas Quaid is a symbol of people who dream of something better.

two leonardo shelby

Christopher Nolan is one of the most respected and well-known directors. He is also no stranger to science fiction, as he has directed movies like Beginning (2020), Beginning (2010), and Interstellar (2014). In many ways, one of Nolan’s first feature films, the 2000 film Memory, is equally fantastic. Follow the story of Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), a man who cannot retain any new memories after being attacked. As such, he must be creative as he tries to find out who is responsible for the death of his wife.

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The film’s title is based on the fact that Shelby keeps memories of past events in the form of photos and tattoos. It keeps the audience guessing, and like many Christopher Nolan movies, it’s better to watch. Memory at least twice to tie things together. Considering Guy Pearce’s performance and the overall quality of the film, watching it more than once is an easy task.

1 Jason Bourne

Dealing with amnesia is hard enough, let alone when someone is trying to kill you. That’s what Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne learns the hard way. In the Bourne trilogy, Jason Bourne is trying to find out the truth about who he is, and all the while dealing with people who are after him. Even though he doesn’t know his own identity— Bourne’s identityas the first movie is called, luckily he knows how to fight and do other things to survive.

Uncovering the mystery at the heart of Bourne’s life is a huge draw, and combined with the action scenes and performances from Matt Damon in the title role, it makes for a compelling combination. Some viewers may find the story a bit confusing at first, but that only fits Jason’s perspective, as he too is confused about what’s going on around him. The first film was released in 2002 and spawned multiple sequels, making Jason Bourne one of the most popular movie amnesiacs, as well as one of the most successful action heroes leading his own series.

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