The 8 best horror games on Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass can be a great way for gamers to try out titles that are usually beyond their tastes, as there’s no risk of downloading something you might not enjoy.

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This is especially true for horror fans, or those curious to give the genre a try, with several excellent games available. Whether you want good jump scares, body horror, or anything else that gives you thrills and possible nightmares, here are some of the best on offer.


8 Alien: Isolation

To this day, Ridley Scott’s Alien is one of the best horror movies of all time. 2014’s Alien: Isolation offers a similar experience, with the added terror of video game interactivity. Throughout most of the game, the Xenomorph is after you, with its advanced AI allowing it to freely roam the ship. To make matters worse, there are desperate robots and survivors who are additional threats to you.

For fans of the original movie, it has a more interesting connection than some of the bitter sequels and spin-offs made over the years. It follows Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, 15 years after the events of the original film, creating a nice bond that works for fans without pushing newcomers into the dark.

7 Back 4 Blood

What is considered scary is subjective, and a lot of blood and zombies with various abilities can sound scary to many people. Regardless of its power to scare you, Back 4 Blood packs in the violence to satisfy the bloodlust of action and horror fans alike.

From the minds behind Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock delivered its modern version with a card and stat system for weapons. Although the formula has been modified, it is a worthy successor to the original zombie shooter. So, gather some friends and go through the undead.

6 Carrion

Like Alien, The Thing, and countless other classic movies, the plots can simply be explained as people trying to survive from a creature in a confined space. Carrion takes that concept and turns it on its head, taking on the role of the monster that kills people in a scientific facility.

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You must hunt, consume, and grow as this formless, tentacled creature. As you evolve, you get stronger and bigger. Getting around takes some getting used to, but provides a unique sense of traversal as you search for tastier humans.

5 dead by daylight

Dead By Daylight puts you in the shoes of a survivor or a killer. Asymmetrical online play has many characters to choose from, each with perks that let you choose how you want to play to survive or kill. As the developers continue to update it with new killers, survivors, and maps, there are endless fun and scares to be had.

Even better, the game is great with friends. Gather some friends to survive against random killers online. If you have enough players, you can set up a private lobby to hunt down your friends or survive with them.

4 dead space 2

That’s how it is; Dead Space 2 is available on Game Pass for PC. The action, survival and horror game is still one of the best of the now defunct Visceral Games. It built on the mechanics of its predecessor while sharpening some of the rougher edges, having more significant improvements, and increasing the action.

Still, that balance of a nightmarish sci-fi road trip was there, with a few scenes that will burn into your mind. Dead Space fans should note that all three games are on Game Pass.

3 Prey

Fans of Bethesda and the companies under its umbrella should be happy that many games, from Wolfenstein to Doom, are on Game Pass. One of the most underrated games in that selection is also there: Arkane’s Prey.

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Somehow, compared to Dishonored, the studio went out of its current way to explore something different in art direction, genre, and style. You can still feel the DNA of the studio, especially in the ability to play in different ways that suit your style of play. The other element that stood out was how terrifying it was to hunt down the aliens, especially the Mimics. Be careful when drinking your morning coffee; it may not be what you think!

two the evil inside

It may have obvious flaws, but The Evil Within is a more mind-blowing, less goofy Resident Evil. However, it does share similarities with that series, as Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami was behind the creation of Tango Gameworks’ strong debut.

The structure of The Evil Within fits the same as the popular Capcom series. It starts off with a lot of horror, then goes down a more action-oriented path in the second half. It strikes a nice balance though if you want a bit of both in one package, and if you like it, The Evil Within 2 is also on Game Pass.

1 Face

PT made its legacy, but it never reached its full potential, as the Silent Hill game Hideo Kojima was making with Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro was scrapped. Fans have created games similar to PT, with Visage being the most notable.

It has dark puzzles and raises the creepy to the maximum, but it is more open than PT. You explore a house and find out what horrible things happened in its history to make it haunted. When you do this, be sure to bundle up or keep the lights on; trust us, you will need it.

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