The 8 Steam Releases You Can’t Miss This Week

Game News The 8 Steam Releases You Can’t Miss This Week

A new week begins and that rhymes with new games to discover. And one of the best platforms to do this is obviously Steam. Every 53 minutes, a game is released on the Valve platform. Suffice to say that it is necessary to do a little sorting. This is why we are once again offering you a selection of Steam releases to watch in particular this week.

Soda Crisis

Need to start the week with something dynamic to get you going? Team Soda teams up with bilibili (FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch) to bring us a side-scrolling shooter where speed and precision are the keys to survival. Soda Crisis, from its small name, puts you in the shoes of a strange little character equipped with particularly developed technologies. Coupled with your combat techniques, this equipment will allow you to face the dangers of the futuristic world of Soda Crisis and to carry out your mission. What is it ? You will find out in-game. All we know for now is that this is a rescue mission of the utmost importance that only you can carry out. During the Steam Neo Fest, the game was unveiled in a demo that caught our eye. The latter is also available, if you ever want to try your hand at the game before going to checkout.

  • Release date: 05/24/2022


If it’s more tranquility that suits you, the independent adventure of Hanging Gardens Interactive will probably be enough for you. In the fantastic universe of Sonority, everything is calm and silent… maybe even a little too much. Silence reigns in this world. So much so that the music has become a kind of magic, which Esther, our protagonist, masters. Accompanied by a talking raccoon, the young girl goes in search of ancestral knowledge, lost melodies and works from the past. But the path to find them is not accessible to everyone. Blocked by puzzles of all kinds, Esther will have to use her panpipes to solve them and continue her quest. By using musical notes as gameplay elements, Sonority offers us a particular approach that will delight musicians and aficionados alike. If the puzzles can be solved acoustically, the developers promise us that no prior musical knowledge is necessary to try out their title.

  • Release date: 05/25/2022
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My Time at Sandrock

Do you know My Time At Portia? This rural life simulator halfway between Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Dark Cloud 2 invited you to build your small town in an idyllic setting. The title met with some success, both commercially and critically, and gradually managed to make a name for itself in the market. So much so that Pathea Games has decided to re-enter for a new title: My Time at Sandrock. Launched on kickstarter in October 2020, the project excited potential players who were quick to explode the donation goals. But then, how does this new title stand out from My Time at Portia? First, it takes place in a more desert environment in which new characters evolve (about thirty new NPCs). Add to that some small novelties like the possibility of marriage between players, a mini-game of buggy racing or even an additional city and you get My Time at Sandrock, which launches in early access this week.

  • Release date: 05/26/2022

Redout 2

Simulations of quiet little lives, not your thing? Do you need it to move and pulse? Well that’s good because the fastest racing game in the universe is back. The popular Redout, released in 2016, finally gets a sequel and the least we can say is that it promises. Like its predecessor, Redout 2 is intended as a tribute to arcade racing games. It must be said that with its neon lights and adrenaline-filled sensations, the title has something to make your nostalgia speak. Based on the principle of anti-gravity, the game published by Saber Interactive is reminiscent of classics of the genre such as F-Zero and Wipeout. In terms of content, this new opus offers us a single-player campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode that can bring together 12 players online on the same circuit. Of course, you can also count on strong customization of your vehicle and a dynamic soundtrack (Giorgio Moroder, Zardonic, etc.) to accompany your most dazzling speed peaks.

  • Release date: 05/26/2022
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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Knights of the Mediterranean

It’s time to tell you about a juggernaut of strategy games: Age of Empires. Almost two years ago, fans of the saga were able to get their hands on Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. This improved version of the 2005 game offered fans of the license a more complete experience than ever with the basic game, of course, but also all the expansions released so far. Suffice to say that in terms of content, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition already had enough to make its competitors pale. And since we never have enough, the game even regularly offers additional extensions. After notably The African Royals, it’s the turn of Knights of the Mediterranean to join the party for ever more novelties. On the program, we find of course two new civilizations (Malta and Italy) and the introduction of historical maps, but also a new game mode. Bearing the name Tycoon, it aims to be more user-friendly and easy to access, emphasizing the economic side more than the military aspect.

  • Release date: 05/26/2022
  • Price: €9.99

Sniper Elite 5

We continue on the classics with the new opus of Sniper Elite, soberly titled Sniper Elite 5. Almost six years after its predecessor, the title arrives this week and invites us, once again, to explode the skulls of evil Nazis. To do this, you will find good old Karl Fairburne. Basically, there are no drastic changes. This felt a little too much during our game session, pushing us to attribute the title to a shy thing to see. But in terms of form, what does this Sniper Elite 5 have in store for us? Well, we already know that the game will offer a season pass (included in the Deluxe version) focused on a new two-part campaign. We also learned that the title can be browsed by two in online cooperation, and that a competitive mode, called Invasion, will also be in the game. The latter will consist of interfering in the campaign of another player to kill him without any other form of trial.

  • Release date: 05/26/2022
  • Price: €49.99 (€79.99 for the Deluxe Edition)
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Kao the Kangaroo

Finally a good shot of nostalgia to forget the tragedies of war? Well that’s good because more than 20 years after the release of the first game of the license, Kao the Kangaroo is back. Put on your most beautiful boxing gloves for this original adventure with the good taste of 3D platformers of yesteryear. Tate Multimedia is on the spot and promises us the greatest adventure in the history of the saga. Colorful world, mandalas to distribute, puzzles to solve, magic gloves to master, masters of combat to defeat… There will be things to do and discover in this new opus, all without forgetting to fulfill your mission which is not not least. Indeed, your father and your sister have disappeared and it is up to you to find them. It remains to be seen what this will be like once the game is launched, but Kao The Kangaroo at least has the advantage of speaking to young and old alike.

  • Release date: 05/27/2022

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

This one won’t speak to everyone. It must be said that at first glance Unexplored 2 is not really accessible, and not only because it is only available in English. Nevertheless, if you have already tried Unexplored first of the name, you will not be out of place. Like its predecessor, it’s a top-down action-RPG with roguelite components. In the program ? Dungeons to explore in nag or infiltrated mode thanks to Ludomotion’s know-how which has already proven itself in the past. Note that people who have participated in the financing of the game have had access to it since 2019. And given the various feedback, it looks particularly good for this somewhat special open-world game. If you are curious to know if Unexplored 2 is made for you, you can already try it out through a small demo. The perfect opportunity to make up your own mind before the game is released this weekend

  • Release date: 05/27/2022

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