The Apple Airpods 3 at 168€ at Rakuten!

News good deal The Apple Airpods 3 at 168€ at Rakuten!

An offer to seize on the in-ear headphones which are among the best on the market, and which work in perfect symbiosis with the Apple ecosystem, moreover. Third-generation Airpods go from €199 to €168 at Rakuten, a very attractive price for Apple’s little marvels.

Airpods 3, the Rolls of Bluetooth headphones at a bargain price at Rakuten

The world of true wireless is a brutal and wild world where competition is raging and where manufacturers are numerous. Apple, however, holds the dragee high with a product that has no real equivalent and allows him to establish his domination in a completely quiet way.

Buy Apple Airpods 3 at 168€ at Rakuten

Thanks to an already very effective second generation, Apple only had to revise its baby a little to offer us a small marvel of technology.

New efficient design, no more small silicone tip, Airpods now have a fitted shape and a shorter upper for better sound orientation while maintaining a clean look.

The best sound quality for wireless headphones

The biggest asset of the Airpods 3 is certainly the sound reproduction, magnified by a technology that adapts the equalizer according to the shape of your ear. Result: the microphones detect the sounds that reach you and adjust the low and mid frequencies in real time to deliver a personalized sound.

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Making calls with Airpods is a real pleasuredue to the built-in mesh fabric in the headphones (the little mesh-like surface) that reduces outside noise when you’re on the phone.

So you can use Airpods in Facetime to deliver exceptional audio quality. It’s something that’s sure to hit the bull’s eye during your business video calls. A useful investment for work, therefore.

Airpods 3: Apple synchronization to be always ready

In terms of ergonomics, Airpods work like just about any other Bluetooth headset, with a touch pressure sensor which can be used for listening to songs such as making calls. With Apple quality, of course.

The connection is done simply and quickly with the iPhone and iPad which will indicate with a small personalized message that a new member of the family named Airpods has arrived.

Airpods come with a cute little box that serves as a refill and that can work with the Magsafe charger. Their autonomy is therefore 6 hours extended to 30 hours with the help of the case.

All in all, a very interesting price for the Airpods 3 at Rakuten, which makes Apple’s little marvels more and more accessible.

Buy Apple Airpods 3 at 168€ at Rakuten

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