The author of ‘Outlander’ has not been consulted on the prequel series, despite claims by Starz

Image via Starz/Outlander

Starz just announced a stranger spin-off series that takes place before the Jamie and Claire storyline, but despite the network claiming that Diana Gabaldon will serve as consulting producer, the author says no one has contacted her yet.

Taking Facebook, because Gabaldon is that old-fashioned, the writer expressed surprise at Blood of my Blood and stated that he does not know what a “consulting producer” is.

“Well, THIS is interesting. Note that I have no idea what a ‘consulting producer’ is, and no one has talked to me about being one,” she wrote. “This does not mean that I will not be involved in the program, but I have no details at this time.”

Of course, Gabaldon points out that she is, in fact, writing a story about the love affair of Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie, Jamie’s parents on whom the prequel is based, but she’s not sure if Starz producers intend to to take influence from that book, if for no other reason than the fact that it has not yet been published.

“Yes, I am writing the story of Brian and Ellen. I have no idea what the timing of the show might be, or to what extent the showrunners plan to use the book (to the extent that it exists at the time). ‘In development’ is not the same as having a green light; it just means they’re starting to put the pieces together. I’m only mentioning it here because Starz announced it on Twitter and Facebook today, so I thought everyone would want to know.”

stranger immediately became a phenomenon when it was released in 2014. In those early days, Jamie and Claire had yet to venture beyond the safe confines of Colum MacKenzie’s fortress, but audiences fell in love with the story of the English Sassenach and his perfect Scottish lover from another time.

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Now, almost a decade after the series, stranger remains a pop culture sensation, with a dedicated fanbase that always shows up when the series returns for another run. Suffice to say, it’s no surprise that Starz plans to expand the franchise, with every other competitor doing the same in this content-crazed era.

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