The Batman 2 Hasn’t Been Greenlit Yet: Report

It looks like a sequel to this year’s The Batman might not be greenlit, as the only new DC movie to come post-Warner Bros. Discovery merger is Joker: Folie a Deux.

As Variety reported, the state of the DCEU is a bit up in the air following the recent full merger of Warner Bros. Discovery, which was announced last year. And according to the report, despite the announcement that The Batman is getting a sequel earlier this year, no follow-up has actually been greenlit.

Writer-director Matt Reeves and Batman himself, Robert Pattinson, are still set to return for the sequel, and it’s reportedly in development, but not actually greenlit yet.

The report indicates that Joker: Folie a Deux has actually been greenlit, with confirmation that singer Lady Gaga will join the cast, and will hit theaters in 2024. The first film grossed $1.07 billion globally, per what a sequel is not possible. but The Batman also took home an impressive $770 million worldwide.

The Batman sequel isn’t the only DCEU project to have questions about it, as Wonder Woman 3, a Superman project involving Michael B. Jordan, Zatanna, and Static Shock, hasn’t had any updates since the first ones surfaced. project reports.

A Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace (In The Heights) was recently canceled due to the movie being supposedly “irredeemable”. The HBO Max movie was meant to reintroduce Keaton’s Batman before eventually appearing in feature films. It is now unclear where the character will first appear, if at all, although he is scheduled to appear in The Flash, which he is experiencing turmoil of his own.

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Blue Beetle was also originally slated to stream on HBO Max as part of that plan, though before Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav took the reins, the film was shifted to a 2023 theatrical release.

Zaslav is apparently looking for someone to fill an executive position to run the DCEU, similar to how Kevin Feige runs the MCU. That could be part of why a number of projects haven’t been greenlit, as Zaslav likely wants a more concrete vision for the cinematic universe.

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