‘The Batman’ Concept Art Reveals Penguin Almost Dressed in Mustard Yellow

Concept artist Adam Brockbank has posted some of Matt Reeves’ early designs. the batman which literally paints Colin Farrell’s Penguin in a different light.

As we know, Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot is one of several archenemies of Robert Pattinson’s Batman; him seeking to rise through the ranks of Gotham’s criminal hierarchy and become the city’s newest crime boss. In the film, Oz is a lieutenant in the Falcone crime family, under investigation by Batman and Jim Gordon after possible leads link him to the murders committed by the Riddler.

As everyone knows, Penguin is often seen in a tails tuxedo, complete with a bow tie and a top hat. Traditionally, he also has a beak-shaped nose (hence the nickname) and a monocle. Although Farrell’s iteration lacks the sophistication of his comic book counterpart, he sports the same fur coats and pinstripe suits.

Brockbank’s art bears much more resemblance to the dashing Farrell we’ve come to love over the years than the final product that buried the actor under prosthetics, which is surely destined for an Oscar nomination in the makeup category at the very least. He captioned the photo, “Another day, another penguin,” and you can check out the artwork below.

In the images, Farrell sports the same slicked-back hair seen in the Matt Reeves adaptation, but he somehow looks neater and more well-groomed than the seedy, obese, unattractive penguin that made it to the big screen. Would it be fair to say that this version seems much less threatening than the other? Maybe that was why they chose the hideous appearance after all.

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