The Berserk manga resumes at an unexpected pace that completely revives the work of dark fantasy

news culture The Berserk manga resumes at an unexpected pace that completely revives the work of dark fantasy

Not only is he not dead, but he will take flight again with unexpected intensity. The manga Berserk survives its creator Kentarô Miura thanks to the publication today of the first two unpublished chapters signed by Kôji Mori. And no less than two new chapters should be unveiled every month!

Berserk manga rises from the ashes

A few weeks ago, we explained to you that the publishing house of the manga Berserk had decided to resume the serialization of the work of Kentarô Miura, who died last year. Attached to Hakusensha Corporation, the Japanese preprint magazine Young Animal indicated its desire to continue the Berserk manga by entrusting this immense responsibility to Kôji Mori (Suicide Island).

Due to the lack of a draft left by the author, we cannot perfectly reproduce the manuscript he wanted to produce. But in the creation of new episodes, we are determined never to derail from what he told us and to recreate as faithfully as possible the work of “Kentarô Miura”, whose image is engraved at the bottom from our hearts through multiple conversations and creative work with him. – The Young Animal Editorial Team

Kôji Mori, very close friend of Kentarô Miura, is indeed the only one to whom the author entrusted the end of the manga story.

I try to render the story as detailed as possible and only the episodes told by the author will be published. I won’t add anything to it. Episodes whose details are no longer precise in my memory will also be excluded. We’re only going to make episodes that can be put together based on the lyrics and the story that Miura told me. – Koji Mori

An intensive publication rhythm for the new Berserk

As fans are thrilled to find out today the first two chapters of the “new” Berserk by Kôji Mori (chapters 365 and 366)it is especially the announcement of its rhythm of publication which raised a wind of hysteria among the lovers of the series.

Pre-publication magazine Young Animal indeed promises that the manga will benefit from a regular rhythm for the less intensive since we are talking about a fortnightly publication, or twice a month. In other words, it’s good a new chapter every two weeks that we will have the chance to discover in the original version. An announcement that obviously ignites the fans, even if some fear that such a sustained pace compromises the quality of the work taken over by Kôji Mori. But that, only the future will allow us to judge.

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The Berserk manga resumes at an unexpected pace that completely revives the work of dark fantasy

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