The best assault rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone

No matter the skill level, players can’t go wrong picking up an Assault Rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone. They are known to be the most complete weapons with enough damage to take them down in a split second. However, with Battle Royale providing weapons from three entire main titles, there are now over 30 ARs to choose from. Despite this, there are only a few who have long proven their dominance. These are the best assault rifles you should add to your team in Call of Duty: Warzone, listed in alphabetical order.


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There aren’t many Modern Warfare weapons that have stood the test of time, though it seems the AS VAL is immune to any and all nerfs. Its success can probably be attributed to the fact that it is already equipped with a suppressor, essentially allowing its users to hold up to six attachments. That said, it is best used for those with a stealth and close-quarters playstyle with its extraordinary damage capable of beating SMGs and even melee weapons.


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Players unable to find an LMG with promising accuracy should turn their attention to the BAR. The Assault Rifle won’t empty a magazine as quickly, though its constant aiming should make it a threat from all ranges. What has landed the BAR on this list, however, is its optional barrel attachments. In his Gunsmith menu, you’ll discover cannons that can bolster his slow rate of fire or even increase his damage rate beyond all other Vanguard weapons.

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copper carbine

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The Cooper Carbine actually reminds us a lot of the MP5 SMG from Modern Warfare. Despite being useless at long range, the Carbine’s excellent control and damage stats make it a must-have in close encounters. So much so, that his best typical loadout gets four- or five-shot kills. That might not sound great to most AR fans, but his rate of fire gives him an impressive time to kill. So Cooper Carbine is a no-brainer for those jumping into the smaller Resurgence maps.


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As skill-based matchmaking will always make you rethink your weapon, players facing much better opponents should switch to the FARA 83. It requires little effort to use mainly due to its great combination of low recoil and powerful ammo. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. The weapon offers very little mobility, especially since its attachments only push you to camp even more. If this matches your style of play, try giving him the 13.5″ Task Force Cannon as it substitutes his ineffective speed for even greater accuracy and speed.

KG M40

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If you’re looking for the most balanced assault rifle, the KG M40 in the category is a heavy firearm that can become compatible with all playstyles. Above all, it has earned a cult following for its pinpoint accuracy and low kick. However, since its damage doesn’t come close to that of others, the KG M40 will require some leveling up to witness its full potential. Once this is done, accessories such as the .03-06 60 Round Drum magazine should be added to shoot its range, velocity, and bullet penetration.

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Prior to the STG44’s thunderous debut, Warzone players tagged the M13 as the quintessential weapon of its class. You certainly have the Tempus Marksman cannon to thank for this. The attachment increases its accuracy and range to make it just as deadly at long range as a sniper. The weapon even has a rate of fire that rivals the lightning-fast MG42 LMG. So whether you’re at Caldera or Fortune’s Keep, find some high ground with the M13 and become an instant threat from afar.

Nikita AVT

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There are so many weapons in Battle Royale now that some are almost the spitting image of others. This is the case of the Nikita AVT, practically a clone of the Armaguerra 43 SMG. However, since he is AR-classified, he has the fastest rate of fire in his class and the second-highest mobility stats. As one can probably guess, Nikita AVT works wonders for aggressive players looking to constantly pressure opponents on any map.


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First considered one of the worst weapons on its debut, the NZ-41 has been revived and improved upon with countless improvements over the course of the last few seasons. The weapon is mostly known for being among the most damaging Vanguard weapons, but it will require a lot of attachments to keep up with the other powerful ones in Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. You can also expect it to be very accurate, as you can easily shoot from a distance. So if future patches continue to make the NZ-41 stronger, it may be better used over any marksman rifle.

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With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, it became painfully obvious that the STG44 would be an unstoppable force for years to come. It’s certainly not the flashiest of weapons, but the flat-footed firearm has extremely high damage and handling stats that are hard to beat. He’s also incredibly versatile with his scope, consistently holding his own in close quarters situations and in firefights with distant snipers. Especially with its ability to hold 10 attachments, it’s safe to say that the STG44 can be argued as the best weapon overall.

Vargus 52

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It may have been a late addition, but the Vargo 52 is shaped like a phenomenal old-school assault rifle. This is because the weapon primarily thrives in mid-range situations with accuracy ensuring that setting up headshots is a breeze. Of course, like any traditional AR, the Vargo 52 will not provide great mobility or fast ADS time. However, we recommend that the loadout remove its stock to increase sprint-to-fire time and movement speed.

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