The best drop locations for Fortune’s Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone

Even though Call of Duty: Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep map is roughly the same size as Rebirth Island, the island has several more buildings and features to visit. That means loot is much easier to come by, but if you really want to win, you’ll need to know where the best possible weapons and killstreaks will be. Although 12 main locations make up Fortune’s Keep, there are only five that can give you a huge loadout in seconds. This is where you should drop in your next Resurgence match.

To camp

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It’s certainly not the most interesting POI in Fortune’s Keep, but almost every aspect of the Camp makes it a perfect starting point. For one thing, it’s the easternmost area of ​​the map, hundreds of meters away from death traps like Keep and Town. The camp is also surprisingly well-equipped with each of its seven tents having loot on the ground and at least one supply crate.


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You may have already noticed the big hole in the center of the island. Known as the Grotto, players can enter this cave to explore three levels of small buildings and discover top-tier blueprint packs. Although it rests near massively popular areas, the cave also features a loot-filled tunnel that allows you to escape to the quieter location of Smuggler’s Cove.


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Taking up almost a third of the map, Keep is essentially Rebirth Island’s own version of the Prison Block map. The location features a giant of a three-story mansion whose layout is a maze of rooms, stairs, and wide hallways. Players can discover supply crates in almost every part of the building, but they can also find a lot of loot on the rooftops. In short, you can expect Keep to be packed with opponents for most of the duration of a match.

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The areas surrounding the Keep are just as kind to their loot deals, ultimately making the Terraces a place to visit. Located to the west of the Keep, the POI is centered around a large cathedral bombarded with weapons, ammunition, and various other items. Snipers can make the most of the Terraces, as it also includes a watchtower that overlooks much of the Keep and the nearby Gatehouse.


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If you want to collect eliminations right away, there’s no better place to head to enemies and loot than Town. It is made up of more than 30 buildings, all connected or separated from each other to allow players to jump from each of their rooftops. Supply crates and ground loot can be discovered in almost every building, but the western corner of the POI has a two-story restaurant known for providing legendary weapons.

In addition to ground loot and supply crates, you should also try taking on the game’s new black market contract for legendary blueprints and killstreaks. The contract works similarly to the Supply Run in that players will need to find a buy station to purchase their exclusive items.

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