The best Marco 5 loadout in Warzone

Are you excited to try out the best Marco 5 gear in Warzone? SMGs have been incredibly popular in Warzone ever since the battle royale game switched to Caldera. Almost every SMG added to the game since Call of Duty Vanguard launched has been a viable option and if older SMGs are anything to go by, the Frame 5 has the potential to become one of the best SMGs in Warzone.

the Marco 5’s best equipment stands out among its competitors for its impressive mobility. Even when loaded with attachments, it feels like you don’t have anything in your hand. The Frame 5 is surprisingly accurate when firing from the hip, making it incredibly deadly when fighting enemies at close range.

How to unlock Frame 5 in Warzone

To unlock Frame 5 in Warzone Season 4, all you need to do is reach level 15 in the battle pass. Some players are already getting their hands on Frame 5 in Vanguard early thanks to a bug in the game. This means that while weapon stats rarely transfer perfectly from Vanguard to Warzone Pacific, we do have a rough idea of ​​what the Marco 5 is capable of. According to Warzone YouTuber P4wnyhof, the Marco 5 akimbo has the potential to overpower the goal.

The best Marco 5 loadout in Warzone

The best Call of Duty Warzone Frame 5 loadout is:

  • Muzzle: M1929 silencer
  • Barrel: Botti 285mm Custom
  • Values: Botti HF Folding
  • Magazine: Nambu 60 8mm Round Drums
  • Ammo Type: elongate
  • rear grip: Pine tar grip
  • Competition: Akimbo
  • Equipment: Fast

Since we’re focusing on the jugged version of the Frame 5, we opted for the M1929 silencer, which negatively affects our aiming speed down sights in exchange for sound suppression and accuracy. We can’t aim down sights akimbo with this build anyway, so this attachment only benefits our loadout. The Botti 285mm Custom is an excellent barrel choice for the jugged Marco 5s as it sacrifices a small amount of recoil control for hip fire accuracy, recoil recovery and hip fire recoil recovery. .

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The Botti HF Folding is a strong stock option, though you may need to change the way you approach fights. This accessory improves the mobility of the Frame 5, but this comes at the cost of recoil control, specifically during sustained fire. As long as you remember to spray your enemies to death with bursts of bullets, you shouldn’t feel the negative effects of this accessory.

For the magazine, we’ve selected Nambu 60 8mm round drums as they feel right at home in the Marco 5 Duals. This magazine negatively impacts the weapon’s bullet speed and penetration, but you won’t feel this when fighting at close range. In addition to the extra bullets in each clip, this magazine comes with a huge boost for recoil control and accuracy, making it extremely easy to control while shooting. To go even further, the accessory also improves the rate of fire and movement speed of the weapon.

The elongated ammunition type is perfect for this loadout, as it does not present any drawbacks, however, it improves the bullet speed of the weapon. Likewise, Pine Tar Grip focuses on recoil control and hipfire accuracy while negatively impacting aiming speed down sights. As for the weapon kit, Quick is an obvious choice to improve our sprint speed. Finally, we’ve talked about it many times already, but Akimbo is our pick for the Frame 5 competition, as he turns the SMG into a real monster in close combat.

That’s all you need to build the best Frame 5 loadout in Warzone. Keep an eye out for our best Warzone loadouts list as we regularly update our guide with the latest information based on the meta. Combine Marco 5 with one of the best snipers in Warzone to crush your enemies from all distances.

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