The best UGM loadout in Warzone

Trying to find the best UGM loadout in Warzone? Season 4 is here, introducing a new map to the Battle Royale game, lots of balance changes, and three new weapons to add to your arsenal. The UGM-8 is particularly interesting as it is very light for an LMG, which is not usually known for its mobility, as they are made to keep enemies pinned down with suppressive fire, so this weapon opens up new opportunities to explore. .

When accessorized with the perfect accessories, the UGM’s best load combines the lightweight advantages of the standard weapon along with massive magazines to tear opposing squads to shreds. The UGM will most likely make it to the list of the best LMGs in Warzone once players get their hands on this deadly weapon.

How to unlock the UGM in Warzone

You can get the best Marco loadout quickly, and the same goes for the UGM-8. All you need to do to unlock the UGM in Warzone Season 4 is reach level 31 in the battle pass.

The best UGM loadout in Warzone

The best Call of Duty Warzone UGM loadout is:

  • Muzzle: recoil booster
  • Barrel: Bernard XL214 736mm
  • under the barrel: M1941 Manual stop
  • Magazine: Sakura 125 6.5mm Round Case
  • Ammunition Write: elongated
  • Rear Grip: cloth grip
  • Competition: Strong setting
  • Equipment: Fully charged

In an effort to turn the UGM into a mobile version of Bruen’s best loadout, the Recoil Booster is a good pick for improving the weapon’s rate of fire at the expense of some accuracy. Thanks to the UGM mobility stats, we can attach the Bernard XL214 736mm without feeling the negative effects it has on aim down sight speed, movement speed, and sprint speed to fire. This accessory is essential as it helps stabilize the weapon by dramatically improving its recoil control, recoil resistance, and rate of fire.

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We opted not to include a stock as they all have drawbacks that you cannot address by selecting different attachments. Moving to the bottom of the barrel, the H1941 Hand Stop continues to improve the UGM’s recoil control and accuracy, though this does detract from the weapon’s hip-firing accuracy. Fortunately, this hardly has any impact, as we won’t be shooting the UGM from the hip any time soon.

Arguably the most important accessory of the bunch, the Sakura 125 6.5mm round case has a huge impact on how you use the UGM. This magazine damages the weapon’s bullet speed and range, bullet penetration, and damage. In return, the UGM’s recoil control becomes similar to some of the better SMGs in Warzone and it gains an additional 75 bullets to burn.

We opted for the elongated ammunition to improve the bullet speed of the UGM; this is vital as the magazine attachment dealt a huge blow to this key area. The Fabric Grip improves the weapon’s downward aiming speed, perfect for close combat. Finally, Tight Grip is an excellent ability for any LMG as it increases your accuracy while continuously firing. To top it off, Fully Loaded ensures you have enough bullets at your disposal to take down a lot of enemies.

And that’s how you build the best UGM loadout in Warzone. Now that the new season is out, you should definitely check out our best Warzone loadouts list to keep track of the current meta. Find out what’s coming in the future by reading our Call of Duty Warzone 2 release dates guide, packed with all the latest information on Actvision Blizzard’s shooter.

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