The best way to farm ammo in Fallout 76

Ammo is always going to be a necessity in the wastelands of Fallout 76 unless you’re running a melee build. Most of the people found in the wasteland use heavy weapons that require a lot of ammo. Unfortunately, ammo is quite hard to come by in large quantities and you can only get a limited amount by doing quests. If you want a lot of ammo, you’ll have to rely on making it. It’s time to do crafts.

How to craft ammo in Fallout 76

Crafting ammo is pretty simple. All you need is a Tinker’s workbench and you can craft all the ammo you want. Of course, you need the required materials to make the ammo, but you don’t need to find the blueprints to make it at least. Each ammo type shares two common ingredients; lead and steel. These are pretty common materials, but to make a lot of ammo, you’ll need a lot of steel and lead.

where to find steel

Steel is a fairly common material to find in various items. However, if you want to get a lot of steel, you’ll want to farm weapons and take advantage of steel extractors. Scorched and Super Mutants tend to carry weapons and Super Mutants carry more powerful weapons than Scorched. Each of these weapons can be scrapped at a workbench and get around 20 steel if you have Scrapper Perk.

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Grafton Steel is one of the many workshops you can claim in the wasteland, but it’s one of the few that has steel extractors. Grafton Steel houses two steel extractors and one lead extractor. Claim this workshop and turn on all the extractors to collect a bunch of lead and steel (40 per hour to be exact).

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where to find lead

Lead is a little harder to find than steel, but you can get a lot of it by heading south on the map. By far the best place to get lead is Lucky Hole Mine. This location is west of Cranberry Bog in the mountains. Lucky Hole Mine is home to a group of cultists who can drop weapons for more steel. Bring a pickaxe with you and pick up the lead ore scattered throughout the mine.

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Other places that have a ton of lead are Green Country Lodge, Morgantown High School, and the Charleston Fire Department. Each of these areas has a weight room with a ton of weights that you can scrap for extra lead. You will also get some steel from scrapping them.

The best perks for crafting ammo

Since the best way to get ammo is to craft it yourself, you’ll want to get the right perks for the job. There are two perks you need to get before crafting any ammo; Super Duper and Ammosmith. The Super Duper perk gives you the chance to double anything you craft. This will allow you to get double the ammo each time you craft it. The Ammosmith perk increases the amount of ammo you can craft at one time. With all of this information, you should be able to farm a ton of ammo. To get extra ammo you can also turn on the ammo machine at the ammo factory.

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