The best ways to farm gold in Fire Emblem Engage

As they say, money makes the world go round, and you’ll need a lot of it in Fire Emblem Engage. To keep your army equipped with the best weapons and items, you’ll want to have plenty of gold on hand, and there are plenty of other uses for it too, like donating to countries and making them stronger. Here are some of the best ways to farm gold in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farming Tips

Always gather fallen spirits

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If you are connected to the Internet while playing the game Fire Emblem Engage, you will see the “souls of the fallen” appear on the battlefields as swirls of purple and yellow energy. While the purple dots can produce weapons, stepping on the yellow dots will always reward some gold or bonus snippets. It’s usually a low amount, so it’s not the most effective way, but since you’re playing battles anyway, you might as well collect some extra.

Use Anna and Tiki together

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Anna is an optional character that can be recruited by playing the Mysterious Merchant Paralogue that appears during Chapter 6. Talk to her with Alear during the battle or recruit her afterwards. What makes Anna really useful is her ability called Make a Killing, which gives her a chance to get 500 gold each time you kill an enemy unit. Obviously, you’ll want to train her and increase her stats, as making her stronger means more chances to take out enemies, and therefore more gold.

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However, there is another trick you can employ to further enhance your gold-earning abilities. Tiki is a DLC emblem ring you can get by purchasing the game’s Season Pass for $29.99, and once you’ve done that, you can play through your Divine Paralogue anytime after Chapter 6 and unlock it. Giving her the Anna Tiki Signature Ring will help maximize her luck, making it so for 500 gold almost every time you kill an enemy.

Face skirmishes and dialogues

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The main story of Engage it will reward you with a large sum of gold every time you head to a new country, but on top of that, playing Skirmishes and Paralogues can also be a great way to earn a little more.

Paralogues tend to have big rewards and often chests to loot as they are special battles. However, there is also a chance to earn gold as a reward for Skirmishes, and you can play them endlessly.

At the same time, skirmishes give you a chance to collect more fallen spirits and can also give you additional weapons and equipment. You can always sell any extra items you don’t want at the Somniel for some pocket change.

Donate to countries to increase your chances of gold getting corrupted

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Donating gold to countries has a devastating effect on improving the rewards you get from skirmishes, so basically you’ll need to invest money to earn more. Simply having a higher country level will help, in general, but having a higher country level can make Gold Corrupted more likely to spawn during skirmishes.

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When you head into a skirmish, you can see all the rewards you’ll get for beating it, and sometimes a “Golden Strike!” a notice will appear. This means that your the gold reward will be increased between 1000 and 3000, which is a great advantage. It’s worth checking all of your skirmishes currently on the world map and prioritizing any that have this notice. Also, keep in mind that it’s better to fully upgrade a country and focus on the battles there, rather than giving each country a level or two.

With these farming tips, you should have no problem accumulating all the gold you need. For more tips and tutorials, be sure to head over to our Fire Emblem Engage guide center.

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