‘The Boys’ Roasts Warner Bros. by Announcing Vought Plus Plus

Image via Prime Video/Twitter.

Save it for the darkly satirical superhero show. Boys to comically roast the real-life antics of Warner Bros. Discovery, whose recent handling of DC properties and streaming service consolidation plans have come under a great deal of public scrutiny of late.

in the world of Boys — which is produced by Amazon Prime Video, a “mainstream” source of corporate criticism in its own right — the superheroes are real, but they’ve been artificially created by a nefarious pharmaceutical company called Vought International. With Vought, the company acts as a stand-in within the show for movie studios like Marvel and DC and highlights their constant attempts to create “movie universes.” However, in Boys, the people who star in the movies that Vought makes have superpowers in real life. Audiences are supposed to think they’re superheroes, but many are secretly corrupt psychopaths and downright villains themselves, notably Anthony Starr’s Homelander.

“Vought is bringing their streaming together in one pretty easy to use app. VTV+, VNN+ and VSN+ are now part of Vought++! It’s more-more, for just an additional $29.99 per month. Re-watch Dawn of the Seven with the boys, dive into Property Flippers with the girls, and more! the official Vought International Twitter account posted on Friday.

This is certainly a pretty hilarious nod to the various actions that Warner Bros. Discovery and the company’s new CEO, David Zaslov, have taken. Zaslov has recently undergone a reconsolidation within the company that has included the complete cancellation of the news service CNN Plus, the reduction of the original content of HBO Max, including the cancellation of almost the entire movie from DC. Bat girl – and announcing that HBO Max and Discovery Plus would be merging into a single streaming service next year.

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After an earnings call Zaslov led earlier this week discussing many of the details of the company’s various changes, HBO Max fans were roasting WBD over the reorganization, even questioning the validity of delivering something called the 90 day promised universe to the HBO Max audience.

Additionally, people were also making fun of WBD’s slideshow for seemingly differentiating the genre of different streaming services.

Verify Boys on Prime Video now and let’s break out the popcorn for the drama that is sure to unfold after whatever crazy announcement WBD makes next.

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