The Callisto Protocol promises to scare us with a gameplay at the Opening Live Night of Gamescom 2022

Geoff Keighley reveals that the game from the creator of Dead Space will appear at the event with a more advanced demo.

If we attend to the information that has been advancing Geoff Keighley In social networks, everything indicates that the Opening Live Night of Gamescom 2022 will be a memorable event. And it is that, according to the presenter’s last tweet, The Callisto Protocol will appear on the show to increase public tension after turning our stomachs with the gameplay of the Summer Game Fest 2022.

We will see a gameplay of The Callisto Protocol that will go ‘one step further’ than seen so farAccording to Keighley’s Twitter post, embedded just below these lines, Opening Live Night will scare us with a new gameplay from The Callisto Protocol. In addition, the presenter will briefly share the stage with glen schofieldCEO of Striking Distance Studios, to delve into some of the aspects that will make this game a terrifying adventure.

Not content with this, Keighley closes the tweet with a phrase that will raise the expectations of any player looking forward to the space horror title: “I have seen a preview of this demo and it is even one step further of the images of the Summer Game Fest!”. In this way, we can prepare ourselves for a show full of indescribable monsters and high doses of blood.

If you want to know more about The Callisto Protocol, keep in mind that its creators have already revealed how many types of enemies the game will have, including a blind monster that will stalk all players in the dark. At 3DJuegos we really want to see the work of Striking Distance Studios, and that is why we have compiled all the keys that The Callisto Protocol has to become the scariest game of 2022.

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More games confirmed for the Opening Live Night

The appearance of The Callisto Protocol will encourage many fans of space terror, but it should be remembered that Geoff Keighley has spent the last few days confirming the most powerful games. We are talking about installments such as Hogwarts Legacy, High on Life, Return to Monkey Island, Goat Simulator 3 and the new title from the creators of Subnautica, so we will have an event full of news.

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