The destructible arenas from the finals and the prey-looking Gloo gun look amazing

The Finals is an upcoming free-to-play first-person shooter developed by Embark Studios, which previously revealed that it was working on the free-to-play first-person shooter Arc Raiders. Both games couldn’t look more different though, with The Finals leaning into extraction-focused gameplay of something like Escape from Tarkov or Hyenas, but with a bit of environmental destruction, not unlike what is seen in the series. Battlefield.

At a preview event, I got to see some gameplay of The Finals and hear from The Finals Creative Director Gustav Tilleby about the game. In the Finals, squads compete for a case that they need to extract before other teams. With each extraction, a new case is added to the map and the process repeats, with the team at the top of the leaderboards at the end of the match taking the win. As seen in the gameplay reveal trailer, The Finals features fast-paced action and highly destructible environments, allowing you to create new lines of sight, drop rooftops onto unsuspecting enemies, or even demolish entire buildings that stand in your way. .

Playing now: The Finals Gameplay Reveal Trailer

“The vision has been to make a team-based first-person shooter that pushes the dynamism and destruction of the environment and the freedom of the player to the limits of what is possible,” said Tilleby. “That’s what we set out to do. That’s why we wanted to create a game that gives players the tools to interact, change, and fully use the world as they play. It’s a shooter, it’s an aim-and-shoot game. shooting are important. But it’s also a game where it’s the players who can use the environment and adapt to changes in the environment that will be successful.”

In The Finals, you can completely customize your character’s appearance and the abilities that they have. During the performance, I saw a variety of body types and heights, as well as masculine, feminine, and androgynous traits. The presentation didn’t provide the full breadth of what players can expect, but from what I’ve seen, I’m hopeful The Finals will include an inclusive offering. The developers were even more vague about what kind of hero abilities you’ll be able to apply to your character, although Tilleby did reference creating characters geared towards stealth assassinations or characters who specialize in demolishing buildings as examples.

The main idea of ​​the game is that you play as someone participating in a virtual game show, so you customize your appearance with currency earned from sponsorships or your winnings from previous rounds in the competition. “It’s a brutally over-the-top experience where you and your teammates battle it out for fame, wealth and the favor of generous season sponsors,” Tilleby said. “And our inspiration comes from a variety of places, from Formula One to American Gladiators to Smash TV. And, if you’re familiar, that old arcade game, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man, and more recent influences like Squid Game .”

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The most interesting thing seems to be the immersive simulation elements of The Finals. The game features a gun that shoots droplets of white material that is very it’s reminiscent of Prey’s Gloo Gun, even letting you shore up roads and crumbling structures, as well as create makeshift bridges and platforms between buildings. Objects in the environment seem to react to what’s happening, so more explosive and flame-based weapons can cause things like furniture to catch fire, and the fire will spread as desired. You can interact with almost every item in some way, including picking up many of them to use as makeshift weapons. Plus, there’s the whole environmental destruction aspect, with buildings crumbling into pieces that look realistic.

Frankly, as an online multiplayer game, I can’t imagine how The Finals will work. For now, the default extraction mode will feature 12 players divided into four squads of three. With so many players running around destroying buildings, picking up and using any number of items, and seemingly being able to create whatever they want with the same level of freedom that Prey’s Gloo Gun allowed, how is this game not going to fail in the midst of any of its eight minute games? But the team seems pretty sure there won’t be a problem.

“One of our key innovations that we’re bringing to The Finals is our own server-side movement and destruction, where movement and destruction don’t happen on the client side of the game; they run on the server,” Tilleby said. “And this means that moving platforms and realistically collapsing entire buildings are possible while our players are running around. Service-side movement and destruction has really been something we’ve been pursuing for a long time. And in the multiplayer space. especially, it opens up so many possibilities. So it’s like a holy grail that we’ve been chasing for a long time.”

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Tilleby added that the team wants The Finals to be a game that rewards intuition, in the same way an immersive simulator would, where “if you think something should work, it probably will.” Without actually playing the game, I can’t say for sure if The Finals has what it takes to hold its own in the shooter market, a genre already dominated by Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant, and Rainbow. Six siege. But this focus on player intuition sounds great, and I think it could be the game’s saving grace if Embark Studios pulls it off.

The first closed public playtest of the Finals will begin on September 29 and continue through October 3. You can sign up for a chance to play through Steam. The release of the game is scheduled for Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC.

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