The deviously troubled sequel to an all-time great reboot sails up the streaming charts

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Carrying on a modern classic is no easy feat, and that becomes especially true when we’re also talking about one of the greatest reboots ever, so the pressure was already on from the second Marc Forster signed on to follow in the footsteps. by Martin Campbell. approach Royal Casino continuation amount of consolation.

Unfortunately, the production was plagued by numerous behind-the-scenes issues, and as a result, the final product is widely derided as the weakest of Daniel Craig’s five 007 films. The film’s reputation has neither risen nor been reassessed. over time, neither. But that hasn’t stopped the $230 million globetrotting espionage epic from being a huge hit on streaming.

According to FlixPatrol, Prime Video subscribers were fascinated by Bond’s intricate quest to track down ruthless businessman Dominic Greene, an evil businessman linked to the death of Vesper Lynd who has ties to shady organizations, not to mention his desire to monopolize natural resources. for your purposes. own personal benefit.

Thanks to the writers’ strike, amount of consolation started shooting without a finalized script, and it showed. Forster hasn’t spoken very fondly of his experience in the years since, while Craig has even gone so far as to call the production “a shitty show,” which is fair enough when he was the one who squeezed through a chaotic production that even ended. with the arrest, detention and trial of the mayor of a Chilean commune for protesting against the representation of his constituency as part of Bolivia.

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