The director of ‘Prey’ presented it as an R-rated Disney princess movie

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Finally, sci-fi and horror fans can get their Comanche kicks now that Prey is streaming on Hulu. Director Dan Trachtenberg is already on a wave of critical feedback after helming the franchise’s most acclaimed installment yet, so sequels could even be in the offing if viewing figures live up to expectations. .

The filmmaker went to great lengths to keep the project under wraps before it was released as a Predator film against his will, but revealed in an interview with The Wrap that he initially pitched Prey as something completely different; i.e. an R-rated Disney princess adventure.

“When I emailed it to an executive I knew at Fox at the time, I felt like it was too good an idea and I didn’t want to wait for them to make that movie and see what was going on with it. until finally I get to release another Predator movie, so at the opening pitch I said, “Let’s call it Prey.” immediately means [that] whatever they’re doing with this new version of Predator which you are probably going to do more, this works like rogue one either Only and be this separate story.

That was the initial release. Ironically, this is long before the merger happened and I said, “This is an R-rated Disney princess story,” but simply in terms of it having a very mythological, elemental, pure narrative button that you push. I have been involved in the development of many science fiction movies and even the final rendering which is very complicated. This movie really works the same way a lot of animated movies do, in that they carry thematic concerns on the sleeve of every scene and they’re interested in telling a very pure story.”

Somewhat appropriately, Hulu debuted Joey King’s The princess not too long ago, and the pair are poised to be excellent companion pieces given their shared status as action-packed R-rated outings with kick-ass female leads, both of which arrived with the unlikely endorsement of the Disney machine.

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