The dirty joke told on ‘The Late Late Show’ that made James Corden and the staff laugh hysterically

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Be careful, dear reader. Don’t read this article if you are easily offended by swear words because there is one that will be quoted frequently, although some people don’t even necessarily see it as a swear word.

last night in the The Late Late Show with James Cordenthe staff couldn’t help but try a two word joke that just keeps getting funnier.

At the end of Corden’s opening segment of the show, where he talks to his band and staff and then begins to break the news, the late-night host told a joke about Toyota, which the show had just signed on as a sponsor.

The joke, which is not the one mentioned in the title of this article, was the punch line of a true story in which a urologist lost power in his clinic while performing a vasectomy on a patient. To finish the vasectomy, he used his electric truck outside to power the clinic. Corden said new Toyota ads will now say, “Introducing the new Toyota Tundra with the ultimate vasectomy power.”

Corden immediately looked at Nick Bernstein, senior vice president of late-night programming for CBS. Bernstein always attends the show and Corden spoke proudly of himself about having another prank where he snuck in on his new sponsor, except Bernstein sarcastically responded by saying, “I’m sure they’d love to be associated with a vasectomy prank.” .

Corden then laughed at Toyota’s tagline, “We’re going places,” suggesting that if it’s a car, then obviously you want to go places. Bernstein suggested not telling those jokes about the new sponsor. It was then that Tim Young, the late show guitarist, came to the rescue and told a quick joke about Ford cars.

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Young said, “Here’s a fun fact: You can put the word ‘anal’ in front of any of Ford’s products.”

Corden thought for a moment and said, “So what, Anal Focus?”

That’s when everyone chimed in and there was laughter (which you can see at about minute 9 of the video), much to Vice President Nick Bernstein’s concern.

Reggie Watts suggested, “Anal escort.”

Guillermo Brown (drummer): “Anal Eclipse”.

Tim Young: “Anal Fiesta” (between laughs).

Reggie Watts: “Anal Expedition.”

Someone suggested, “Anal probe.”

Reggie Watts: “Anal Excursion.”

Pete the cameraman: “Anal escape.”

James Corden: “Anal Maverick”.

The We Got This Covered staff suggests the following, although we cheated and looked for Ford vehicles: Anal Edge, Anal Territory, Anal Ranger, Anal Transit, Anal Freestyle, Anal Flex, and Anal Galaxy (aka Uranus)

James Corden finally ended the joke by saying, “We got it,” as he looked up the names of Ford vehicles on his phone to see which might be the best. “The anal explorer”.

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