The Division 2 is free to play this weekend

After recently waking up from a year-long sleep, The Division 2 will be free to play for the next weekend, starting now. That means you’ll be able to jump into a Washington, DC that’s been ravaged by a deadly bioengineered disease and partially reclaimed by nature, free to vacuum up all the weapons and armor the multiplayer game has to offer.

The free weekend coincides with the start of The Division 2 Season 9: Occult Alliance, which continues after the Agents’ confrontation with former Commander Faye Lau at Camp White Oak. You’ll be able to run missions from the DC campaign with the True Sons enemies and manhunt targets swapped out for the usual bad guys.

The Free Weekend will also be a chance to check out Season 9’s new multiplayer PvE mode, Countdown. In Countdown, two teams of four agents work together to stabilize a power plant that’s about to shut down, then make their way to the extraction point. It can be accessed via The Division 2 megamap, just below the Kenly College and The Summit icons.

The countdown mode is timed, as you’d expect, and features different objectives and random enemy encounters. It’s tuned for eight players, but you can start a session alone; however, the difficulty doesn’t increase at all, so it’s probably best to find at least a couple of teammates to run it with.

To jump into The Division 2 Free Trial Weekend, just launch Ubisoft Connect and find the entry in your game library under the ‘Free Games’ section. Any progress you make will carry over to your account if you ultimately decide to purchase The Division 2.

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