The ‘Doctor Strange 2’ team surprised by Bruce Campbell-Sam Raimi

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Only best friends can get away with saying certain things.

As we know, the bonds of friendships of many years allow us to say things and joke around in a way rooted in love and lots of inside jokes.

That’s why some people on the set of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness they were absolutely stunned to hear the way Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi talked to each other, and how Raimi transformed into a different personality when he joked around with his old friend Campbell.

In a recent interview with, Campbell said some of the youngsters on the team weren’t familiar with the duo’s bond, which dates back to 1981. the bad death on screen, and their friendship goes back even further than that.

“He has become, in the last 20 years, a great Hollywood director since he did the first Spidey. And the crews are usually very surprised at how we speak badly with each other. Like constantly.

They’re surprised when I talk bad to him, because they’re like, ‘Did he just say that to Sam Raimi?’ They really don’t know about our relationship. So, it’s been a lot of fun surprising the crew. And they’re also wondering why he’s being so mean all of a sudden.”

Campbell only had a cameo (and a mid-credits scene) in doctor strange 2, but still made a mark as only he can with his portrayal of Pizza Poppa. The two have worked together countless times, with both Campbell starring as the lead and him appearing in cameos in quite a few of Raimi’s films.

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Here’s hoping that Campbell’s allusions to Pizza Poppa having an even bigger role in the future of the MCU come true, fueled by more trash talk between Raimi and Campbell.

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