The Elder Scrolls: this cult episode is sublimated thanks to Nvidia’s RTX

Game News The Elder Scrolls: this cult episode is sublimated thanks to Nvidia’s RTX

The Elder Scrolls is an absolutely cult saga, to say the least. It just so happens that the third part has just received a nice makeover thanks to Nvidia’s RTX technology.

Ray tracing has been around for a while now on PC and very clearly, Nvidia is one of the spearheads with a technology of its own, called RTX. It can be found officially on several games – Shadow of the Tomb Raider was for example one of the first in its time – and today it is available on many titles.

But recently, the company presented its new 40xx graphics cards, allowing for example to play Overwatch 2 at more than 500 frames per second… and not only: the firm also lifted the veil on RTX Remix, a free modding platform to easily create RTX mods for video games. Among other things, the target often corresponds to old-school titles which are then magnified, like a certain Morrowind.

The real Enlightenment

If the first two The Elders Scrolls are particularly ambitious for their time, they are no less old: it is especially Morrowind, released in 2002, which will have given a new breath to the saga with a sublimated 3D, allowing the exploration of an even larger world and, then, technically modern. Obviously, the years have passed and we, the players, can see it more or less bitterly.

Suffice to say that seeing it enriched with Nvidia’s RTX technology is something to delight the biggest fans. As a reminder, this makes it possible to best optimize shadows, light effects or even reflections, all in real time. As the demo below proudly shows, The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind then experienced a second youth with even enhanced textures, in addition to RTX.

What to revive the game and (re) make a culture? Most likely.

About The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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