The future of maple syrup hangs in the balance

The maple syrup producers of Quebec (PPAQ) urge the government to act to protect maple, a pride of Quebec whose future remains uncertain.

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According to the group, it is essential to establish the winning conditions for the growth of maple syrup production. “What we ask is to protect [l’érable] and to reserve 200,000 hectares of public forests for sustainable activities that can coexist, such as maple syrup, in order to ensure its future for the next 50 years at least,” declared Luc Goulet, president of the PPAQ.

“If the government decides to maintain its target of only 24,000 hectares, it will choose to sacrifice maple trees in favor of cuts by the forest industry. This will jeopardize the development of an industry dear to Quebecers,” he added, worried.

The PPAQs are also opposed to the new 24-centimeter tapping standard and are calling, among other things, for a change “as to the use of financial maturity diameter cuts, which encourages foresters to cut mature maple trees”, perhaps -we read in a press release published on Thursday.

“As it looks, maple will be rare for maple syrup production. This will have consequences not only for the development of the maple syrup industry, but also for all those who use the public forest,” lamented the president of the group.

The PPAQ invite citizens to join a consultation of the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs, on July 26, to defend the future of maple syrup.

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